Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Staples Out

I Am "Metallically" Free

My incision feels so much better now that the staples are out. My doctor removed them this morning. He told me again that the pathology report was good and the cancer was confined to my uterus, so I need no further treatment. However, for the next five years, I will need to have regular follow up visits to be sure all is well.

My next appointment is in four weeks, at which time he will probably give me clearance to resume really "normal" activities, including physical therapy, which I will likely need at that point. He said I could to the treadmill and stationay bike for exercise, but neither one of those choices is "knee friendly" for me. I'll try the bike a little in a week or so, but if it hurts my knees as I suspect, it's off the list. Guess I'll just fall into a state of physical "fitlessness." *lol*

Actually, I won't be too much worse off than I am most winters except I can't get the added exercise of pushing the wheelbarrow through the mud or shoveling snow...heaven forbid. Feeding the Boys does take about a half hour at least, more if I fill the water tub with the gallon bucket, so it's not as if I am totally bedridden.

I don't have much of an appetite yet, another common consequence of the surgery, so I am definitely not gaining weight. In fact, I have lost some which, for me, is a really good thing.

Meantime I got the Boys back out to the pasture today. Things did dry up enough to clear some of the mud, but it also got cold enough to do some ground freezing again. Tucker was delighted but Toby and Chance were not so impressed. I don't know if it was "cute," "cuddly" or just plain typical horse, but when I opened the gate for them neither one went through until I went first. Then they both hung around me for a while. Then Toby moved off and Chance stayed for an extra bit of attention. I'd love to think it was just wanting to be near me, but it might have been the expectation of a treat instead.

Hard to tell with horses, sometimes. They are wiser and deeper in understanding than many people realize and I have a gut feeling my Boys are watching out for me at least a little. Tucker has been very gentle and cautious around me so far and Toby has not been as standoff as he often is. Chance is a cuddle bunny anyhow, so he's an open book.

Regardless, their presence is enough to make anyone feel better.


  1. they will know .. and not just because other people have been turning up and doing the chores! i think animals "smell" some way

  2. oh .. and i hadn't registered you actually had cancer... just assumed it was the usual woman's trouble requiring the op! BIG hug...

  3. I believe it was Liz Taylor who said that the greatest loves of her life had four hooves and a tail. Whoever said it, "Well said", I say. It is good to read how well you are doing.

  4. Anonymous6:47 PM

    So glad the news is good and that you've shed the staples. I do think horses know when we are under the weather or not quite up to par and take care of us under those circumstances.

  5. I'm so happy to hear you got the thumbs up on your operation and everything is cleared out.
    Horses and dogs and other animals too are so intuitive I believe they know when we are hurting and do try to help. Just being there is all that's needed to make us feel better in my book.

  6. Me too, I di dnot understand it was a cancer. I hope everything is under control.
    Horses are always very aware in any changes in their environment or people/animals around them. It is a question of survival!

    It is cold and snowing here ... booh, I am fighting flu. That is why I have been very quiet on my blog. I am really under the weather, and there is so many things to do before Christmas ...

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