Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A Narration of Independence

OK, for all you people out there without a partner, it's time to own up. Can you do it all by yourself?

I was brought up with a sense of "can do" about almost anything I ever tried. Mind you, there were things I never tried to do, but usually, if I attempted something, I figured out how to finish the job.

My little horse farm and house have accented the "do it myself" concept in spades. I am now currently waiting to see if the dishwasher will actually run through the rinse cycle without giving me a "drain blocked" error message. Part of it are still littering the kitchen as I didn't want to put all the screening and stuff back on until I was pretty sure I'd fixed the problem of the drain blockage.

Thank heavens for the Internet as I looked up dishwasher drains and found a good illustration and explanation about cleaning the darn thing...something I certainly don't recall from when I purchased said machine. I think the general idea was for the ignorant woman of the house to call a certified repairperson to take care of such things, but if it's only a matter of taking out some screws, then I'm all for it!!

But so far, no luck on this one. Every time I put the dishwasher through the rinse cycle, it get just so long into the process and then the alarm sounds again. First it says, "blocked drain," then "slow drain." I think I am out of my league.

Which means I called the repair service. But with the holiday coming up, no one can come until Saturday. I don't need the dishwasher as I certainly can wash things by hand, but I do not like having something broken staring me in the face. I'm also not keen on paying a large repair bill.

On the up side, I have taken out two filters and cleaned them really well and I have cleaned the interior of the machine pretty well. Once I get it fixed, I'll run some special cleaner through.

As you can see, despite my surgical recovery, I have plenty to keep me busy.

The Boys are waiting for dinner, so I will be heading out soon to feed them. It's still cold enough that the mud is frozen so Tucker has the run of the paddocks. He is much happier when he is with his buddies and the little herd is all together.

Horses are a lot more like people than we realize. They're not too keen about being on their own either. But at least they don't have to worry about dishwashers.


  1. My dishwasher has just started "less than perfect" rinsing. I am watching what happens as it might be symptomatic of a drain blockage lower down the hill where the tree roots invade the pipe. The wood floors downstairs have not been fixed since the last deluge so we'll see. I think this house thinks its related to Falling Water by Andrew Lloyd Wright. The very first evening we visited there was a gushing sound coming from the basement and the theme has been adhered to on several subsequent occasions. Maybe I should have a pet otter instead of a dog?

  2. Around here and the barn, I'm pretty good at repairs, as is my single daughter. I've got to say my husband is very good at fixing almost anything too. The only thing I won't tackle is anything to do with electricity. I do hate when something is broken, but have always been independent enough to try and fix it myself before calling a repairman.Hope you figure out the dishwasher just to make you feel better.

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I've always admired your "do-it-iveness" - is that a word? No, but you get the idea. You're always doing things in terms of taking care of business around the house and farm, and activities with friends, and you still seem to manage to get quite a bit done with the boys.

    I do have a partner, but he's not even slightly handy, and I'm not all that handy myself - too worried I'll mess things up - so we do have a stable of repairmen for problems like your mysterious dishwasher - not always the cheapest option for sure.

  4. In our household..most things get fixed by repairman unless it is a computer, then my geek (affectionately said) boyfriend can manage that. Hope the repair is cheap.

  5. My mother is "can do" woman, too. Me perhaps as a way to antagonize her, I am very traditional. I don't do, because it is not the work of a Lady. I always had lots of male friends (when I was single) to do things fo me.
    But if I have to, yes I can .. change tyre etc ... It is just I find it insulting or degrading, not a Lady's job ...
    That is just me ....

    Nowadays Internet is really of great help. I enjoy very much watching something on YouTube and go to do myself, but it would be more hairdressing, cooking, sewing domains.
    I leave the DIY to men.

  6. Jean, I have added a post on my blog, it is about training, I would love your point of view.

  7. Happy New Year for all Horse Lovers !!!!!