Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Outing

And the Canada Cacophony

My friends took me out to dinner last night. The food was delicious, even though I did not finish my plate. Once more, I have more food in the fridge to enjoy later. Afterwards, we went to their house--this is my choir director and his wife--and we practiced the Vespers music. I am pleased to report I will be able to sing all just fine, including the solo part.

This was a good test run for Sunday, and I felt just fine. When I got back home I was not too tired and no more sore than when I'd left. So that too is good. My next door neighbor wants to take care of the Boys for the late night feed a while longer. He really enjoys being with the horses and doing something special for them, so I agreed to let him continue. It does make it easier for me not to have to go out at 11 or 12 PM, so that's good. As long as everyone is happy, the arrangement works by me.

I used my one gallon bucket to top off the water tub in the arena this morning, another good accomplishment as I always worry about the Boys having enough water to drink. The heater is working well in the tub, so I have no problems there either. I am not sure about the heated bucket we put in Tucker's stall. It had a thin layer of ice on it this morning. If it freezes up again, I will switch to one of the other two heated buckets I have, hoping at least one of them will be OK. I've only had the buckets since last year, so I have no idea how long they should last or what the operational efficiency should be, but I was hoping the water would not freeze at all. Anyone know about them?

I woke up early this morning to a riot of noise from the sand pit across the way. There is a huge--nearly 200 acre freshwater lake over there--which has always been a "hang out" for Canada geese. This time of year, the flocks are in migration and I guess one of the larger ones decided to put in for the night across the road. I actually enjoy the sound in a lot of ways, but I have to wonder if the geese themselves ever tire of living in constant concert of honks. While I grant morning was making its presence felt when I woke up to hear them, I am not so sure they were actually all that quiet in the darkness. I wonder what the need is for the constant chatter?

As I was feeding, another huge flock flew overhead in the famous "vee" formations filling the sky with rushing wings and more music. Because of all the habitat we have created around here with warehouse ponds, lawns, etc. some of the birds do winter over here, but these must have been the wiser, "southern snowbird" types headed for warmer climes. It is always an amazing sight.

Nothing special on the agenda today except to practice some of the bits of music I am not quite sure of. Found out one of our other sopranos had a fall the other day and will probably not be at the service and an alto was going into the hospital for a procedure as well. Another singer will be joining us to boost our numbers, so all should be fine. We are not a young choir by any means, and for some reason, younger people do not seem to join. Kind of frustrating but, perhaps a sign of the times.

Keep your toes warm!


  1. I love the migrating snow geese. They are always heard before they are seen. How social they must be.

  2. How lovely to have good neighbours.

    Glad you are doing OK.


  3. Everything sounds like it's working out fine. What a nice neighbor you have. Glad you're going to be able to sing with your choir on Sunday, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

    Don't know much about heated buckets as we have recently installed the automatic waterers in the barn.

    Just got done with night feed and bringing in the herd, wow, it's freezing out there, even with gloves on my fingers were like icicles.Keep warm yourself.