Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Not Much To Report

Horrid Rain

We had torrential rain last night and early this morning. So much I actually have puddles under the run in roof!! Must have been a northeast wind along with it to push the water in there.

Tucker stayed in for most of the morning and I turned him out in the riding arena around 2 PM or so for a little exercise. Around that time the solar panel guys showed up again to caulk the barn roof as I am still having some water leak in along the seam where the two barn roofs join. When they installed the panels, they accidently ran a screw through that seam and it's been a bit of an issue ever since. They did some extra good caulking today, so perphaps this time it will work.

I took two good walks around my property for major exercise in the meantime. It is another lovely day out there but incredibly wet and soggy. I am lucky that my property is high and drains relatively well, so we are not knee deep in mud--at least not everywhere. The paddocks are certainly not great, but with the new gutters on the barn, perhaps even they will improve over time.

I am still sore, but each day it gets a "little" better.

Yes, Muriel, the Vespers service is an evening musical celebration of Christmas. All the choirs in the church have prepared selections. We have a bell choir, a brass choir, a children's band, one or two children's choirs, and our own chancel chorale/choir. As each part of the Christmas story is read, musical pieces comment on that part of the story. So there are pieces for the annunciation, the shepherds, the kings, the angels, the star, the birth, and the joy of the season. It really is a pretty service and one I always look forward to. My solo is two verses of the "star" song, "O, Wondrous Star," and a descant that adds to the choral part. It is an effective number and I hope to do justice to it. So far, I feel fine when I try to sing, so it should be OK.

I can sit during most of the service if I want to, but it's kind of hard to see the director if I do, so I'll just see how that goes. Besides, by Sunday I should be feeling even better than I am now.

Love the holidays. Hate the rain!!!


  1. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Your Vespers service sounds lovely - wish I could see and hear it. Glad you're getting out and around - I've had abdominal surgery twice (two C-sections) and found that the more exercise (within reason) the better.

  2. A little better everyday is something to feel good about. Your service sounds beautiful and I'm sure you'll be able to participate fully by Sunday.

  3. When you will feel better the best after abdominal surgery (I had an emergency C-section for a breech baby) is Pilates. It is expensive but worth every pennies, perhaps your insurance compèagny might cover the cost.