Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back On Track

I Fed This Morning

Since each Boy only gets 2 pounds of grain, I was able to carry all three feed buckets at once to feed the Boys. I figured I try the morning care, so Donna does not have to come over twice a day.

Alfalfa cubes are about the same as the grain, so I gave each Boy his portion in his stall, and left them all to finish up. I went out about an hour later, and flake by flake, but some hay out in the paddock and arena. Then I turned Tucker out in the arena.

It is still far too wet to let him out in the pasture. Wind was predicted for today, but so far it hasn't arrived. Good or bad, at least that dries out the ground. It would be nice to give Tuck some pasture time before the next round of precipitation, but I'm not sure that will happen.

It did get colder, but again, not tremendously so. I changed Tuck over into a slightly heavier, waterproof sheet, so I feel better about him now. If we do get rain, he will be protected. And, of course, he has the nifty run in shed I had built just for such events. All in all, it makes for a tolerable turnout situation.

The only downside is that the arena needs to be poo picked. That is also something I cannot do at the moment. So, if anyone is going to ride the Boys, that work must be done first. Grinding manure into the sand not only ruins the drainage, but it also adds to the dust in the dry days of summer. I try to keep the arena clean when I am up and at it. Guess that's a chore for a riding student who wants to earn a discount lesson???

So, things are not quite back to normal, but I feel a whole lot better being able to care for the Boys on my own--at least for the important stuff. If we can keep a bale of hay in the barn so I don't have to lug it across the lawn, all will be well. I do need a load of hay, however, and I called the other day. I may call to check again later so I don't have to worry.

Running out of horse feed is always a concern for me, and I keep a close eye on the weather forecasts this time of year should a big storm be on the way. That's when I make sure I have extra grain in the barn, and plenty of hay--just in case we get snowed in.

I was talking to my friend Stacie last night and we both agreed that we are kind of control freaks when it comes to our horses. She will be taking her new mare to a boarding farm with a nice indoor for the worst of the winter months. She had owned Pavanna for well over a month already and has yet to ride her. This last rain totally soaked her farm--which is much lower land than mine--and she has no where to work her new girl. I'm glad, actually, as that means there will be other people around when she does ride, making the whole experience a lot safer for now. But the downside is that boarding surrenders the bulk of horse care to the barn workers. That will be hard for Stacie. I'm sure she'll manage and that Pavanna will be getting excellent care, except it's just not the same.

Then again, that indoor sounds awfully appealing!


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Glad you're able to do more of your own work - but don't overdo!

    I'm struggling with some of the same issues your friend is as our facility is completely inadequate at the best of times. This morning was about the last straw, but giving over the care of my horses to others is troubling to say the least, and there are few facilities around her with adequate turnout - more seem to think that putting a horse in a small paddock for an hour or two is sufficient and it certainly isn't.

  2. Yes but when you are in full-livery you can spend your time just of being with your horse either riding, pampering, or cuddling. Teena gave me a huge "cuddle" today, it gave me much more satisfaction than the ride I had on her just before. Sign that she forgives my crap riding ... bless her little star.

    I am sure your boys will be fine, they have a "thin" layer of fat, who will keep them from starving AND they are on holiday!!!!

  3. Ah, wouldn't an indoor be nice! Even just a covered arena would be nice. It's the age old dilemma of caring for your horse the way you would like vs having better facilities.

    It's been only a week and look how much better you are doing! I hope you are sleeping well, that makes such a difference.

  4. SO nice to hear that you are starting to get back into the swing of things.

    I too took the big step this year of moving to a facility where Fawkes full time care was out of my hands, it was a difficult decision and one that took a bit of time to get used to. It helps tremendously that I moved him under the care of someone that holds many of the same horse 'beliefs' that I do.

    And I am sure taking full advantage of the wonderful facilities!

  5. You are sounding strong again. We too have rain tonight and forecast for the whole weekend. We always choose our Christmas tree in the rain. It has become a tradition.

  6. Little by little you're getting back to normal, that must feel pretty good.I'm a control freak about the horses too so I know how it is not to be able to do it the way I want things done. Glad to hear you're feeling stronger, take care and don't overdue.