Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recovery Ups and Downs

An Interesting Adventure

Some days I feel almost normal and other days, I don't feel well at all. Stomach issues and a lack of appetite seem to be the more constant complaints. Apparently both are fairly common with abdominal surgeries. I am trying to be patient, but it does get tiring. Yesterday I ate, today I have no interest in food and have a bit of pain. Nothing intolerable, but definitely annoying.

I did go to my wonderful chiropractor this morning as all the lying about has messed up my upper back and I was getting rather uncomfortable. No sign of a headache, at least, but now I am sneezing and seem to be battling a cold! That's what I get for venturing out in the world on my own. Better to have remained a hermit for the duration. *just kidding* I'll work on my standard home remedies and hopefully beat the worst of it back.

My good friend Bill's number one son came over yesterday to drive the tractor about and clear up some more of my snow. I wanted to be sure my farrier could get in if he needed to and also that I could get the horse trailer out in case of emergency. While he was working, I went to the tack store in search of some blankets for the orphan horses (Toby and Chance) and when I got back I found the yard nicely plowed , the ends of my driveways cleared out, and one happy young man grinning from ear to ear up in the tractor seat. Number one son was having the time of his life. He wouldn't take a penny for all the work he'd done because, as he said, "It's just too much fun driving this tractor!"

It was his last day before some foot surgery so he was treating himself to a day out on the machines. I think he was going snowmobiling afterwards. He is fine and back home now today, but I suspect he is not too comfortable yet. Having had my surgery, I am well aware of how both the anesthesia and the procedures can affect your body. It will take a day or so for him to start to feel better, but his parents are gems and will take good care of him in the meantime.

The horse Boys ventured out into the pasture this morning, cutting their way through the snow in search of something to do. I haven't seen much romping and frolicking out there, however. I don't know if they have not been playing or if I just have not been watching at the right time. When I spoke to Stacie the other day, she'd turned her little herd out and they'd gone into a galloping, bucking, playing frenzy. It must have been quite a sight. Once again, apparently no camera in hand at the right moment.

Stacie had over two feet of snow down her way (only about 45 minutes south of me) and she'd kept her horses in during the storm. My Boys--at least Toby and Chance--had the run of the paddocks, barn, and run in sheds during the snowfall, so perhaps the novelty wore off pretty quickly.

I know the novelty's worn off for me.


  1. Recovery has it's ups and downs I suppose. I know how hard it is to stay put and do nothing but if that's what it takes to heal quicker then you should rest until you feel better. It's so nice you have neighbors who are helping you. I'm sure the boys are looking forward to you being back to your old self.

  2. Boys and their toys LOL!

    I hope you get better soon. Last night it rained, but the temp were still below freezing so this morning the roads were like an ice-ring. Thank God by mid-day it got warmer I could see Teena.
    But the ground is frozen, so I could not take her out. Hopeful tomorrow it will be warmer and I could move her feet!

    Take it easy ,and take the time it takes to heal. Anyway what will you do? it is cold, snowy and icy. So no horse-riding. Remember it is only temporary. You are getting better.

    Big HUGS

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Hang in there - abdominal surgery sure has its ups and downs - I've had two and know what you mean. Nice that everything got plowed.

    Despite our snow, we haven't had much cavorting either - everyone's too busy eating at the round bales!

  4. After my abdominal surgery I had to keep reminding myself that someone had opened me up and rummaged around in my insides. It helped me keep things in perspective and not get too frustrated when I couldn't do things or didn't feel well.

    Hope you're feeling better and don't get a full-blown cold. I found that it helps to hold a pillow over the incision when sneezing or coughing, it lessens the "My guts are falling out!" feeling.