Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silent Night

Afterglow, Aftersnow

The Boys were quiet Christmas Eve, although I seem to have heard the word, "love" a few times, but that might have meant, "I love my carrots with tops and this nice big apple in my midnight feed." Then, again, maybe it was, "I love you." One can only dream.

Still, going out to the barn for a silent night was special. I'd had a really nice evening at my cousins, with a new, soft cuddly bathrobe in my possessions and some very pretty jewelry. I also had a full tummy for the first time in weeks. My cousin's positively delicious lasanga had perked up my appetite and I had two helpings! I was thrilled to actually be eating again, and enjoying it. So listening to the Boys crunch their apples and carrots with that unique and comforting sound of "horses eating," was the perfect finish to Christmas Eve and the perfect beginning to Christmas Day.

I did go to my other cousins' house at the shore. The first cousins did the driving, however, which was a good thing as it takes about an hour and a half to get down there. I am pretty sure I never would have managed the trip on my own at this point. The temperatures were warming up, but between the ocean and the bay there was a cool, damp breeze blowing with that noticeable scent of salt water when we arrived. Their house is a nice, snug little "saltbox" of a shore home with two floors. I never did quite make it up the spiral staircase to the upper floor--that will have to wait for another day--but downstairs fit us all in nicely. Dinner was a super delicious ham with veggies and all the appropriate trimmings. Once again, to my delight, my appetite was ready, willing and able to lead me to more than one helping of each dish. Mind you, they were small helpings, but again, I was just pleased to "want" to eat again.

I had started to rain by the time we got back home. The snow was vanishing quickly and by this morning, much of my lawn is bare again. The paddocks are sloppy, but I did take the chance of just opening Tucker's stall door to give him free access. There is no real mud yet, just lots of sloppy snow and since it is raining, I keep hoping he will use some horse sense and spend most of the day under shelter. Interesting that the snow has melted from the grassy areas, but not yet from the bare areas, including the arena. Might be a scientific study here for someone who understands thermal theory. Might be something to do with the heat conductivity of the grass, or air pockets between blades or.....well, somebody go for it!!

Essentially, we had a traditional white Christmas, and now, the day after, a wash away. I think it's supposed to rain both today and tomorrow, so it's possible all the snow--except perhaps for a few piles pushed up by the plows--will disappear.

Frankly, I won't miss it.

Hope your Christmas was as nice as, or even nicer, than mine!


  1. That does sound lovely. I imagine that recordings of happy horses chomping and rustling contentedly might be a great "white noise" CD and even help some in psychiatric needs. (This is turning into a serious thought)

  2. I'm so glad to hear you had such a nice time and got your appetite back.

    I love the sounds of horses chomping their carrots and apples too, it is soothing to hear them so happy. I've heard rumors that at midnight on Christmas Eve the horses all get their voices and are able to talk in human speak, so you might very well have heard and 'I love you' sighed between the bites of treats!

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I think someone needs to make an "ambient sound" recording of horses eating - what a wonderful, quiet, soothing sound. Glad your Christmas was excellent and the food was good!

  4. I am happy you are feeling better, I am sure the worse is past now. You will only gain strength for teh New Year, and spring when you get that Cheeky Tucker back in work!

    Graet idea Kate, I woudl love a CD of horses munching on their hay. I am sure it would put me to sleep to sweet dreams!