Tuesday, December 08, 2009

OK! I Did Some Work! Real Work!

Lovely Day

So when Donna came to take care of the Boys this morning I went out too.

I was able to: Turn Tuck out in the arena. Give all three Boys their buckets of hay cubes. Help Donna clean and fill the water tubs--mostly by turning on and off the water. Put the water heater in the tub by the barn. Move a couple flakes of hay (very light ones). Feed the squirrels. Feed the birds. Feed the stray kitty. (Didn't see him/her, but did put the food out.) Cuddle Tucker who was being very cute and friendly to me.

The exercise felt good and I felt better than I've felt in days as I was doing the chores.

I am not good about doing exercises just for the sake of exercise. Physical therapy tends to get on my nerves even though I know it helps me. But getting something done when I exercise seems to brighten me up, that's for sure. Fortunately, I was in pretty good shape before the surgery, so that the "work" today was not too exhausting. And, as I'd taken my pain pills, I wasn't uncomfortable. There is one step going up into the feed room and one going down as well, neither of which posed a problem.

Most interesting to me at the moment is that my knees do not seem to be hurting me at all. I don't know if the pain meds are having an effect or if all the lying about helped more. Either way, I am grateful for that as limping about would not be my idea of a good time recovery.

Trouble is that tomorrow's weather forecast is bad--rain and wind. Kind of depressing when I have just rediscovered the pleasure of being out and about with the Boys and the barn.

How does the old saying go, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man?" Winston Churchill. Proof positive as far as I'm concerned. Today, for a while, I felt almost 100%.

But that's when I have to be extra careful not to be lured into a sense of strength and healing I have not yet reached. I checked myself a few time before moving or picking up anything I even suspected might be over the max weight limit.

I will be cautious. I just have to make sure I keep my brain engaged at all times.

On the food front, I am so lucky. As noted, my friend's wife sent food over, and another friend called today to offer more for me to eat. She decided to wait a week since I am quite well supplied. Sometimes, it just seems when other people cook for you, the food just tastes so much better. I am still not very hungry but I am eating, so no worry there.

Next project is to fit myself up so I can sing at the Vespers service on Sunday. I can sing, I know that as my upper muscles are more important and I can project my voice just fine. I want to make sure I can last the whole service and do all the getting up and down I need to do throughout. The pageant is going on this year as well, with the full manger scene in the church as the service progresses. I always love that.

Future looks brighter than it did a few days ago when I was still in the hospital. There's no place like home!


  1. Just being outside always makes me feel better, even more so if horses are involved. Even if the weather is bad tomorrow, if you dress right I bet you will enjoy it! It's probably good that you don't have too much of an appetite yet. Too much food might cause major discomfort. Don't forget that you aren't burning many calories so that could be part of it too. So good to have you back! Xxxx

  2. Glad you were able to have some time outside with the boys - and help with the chores, too. You usually do so much physical activity that you have to be in pretty good shape.

    We've got snow/sleet and maybe some rain tonight - quite a bit of snow forecast. I'm hoping for mostly snow - rain snow mix can play havoc with our walkways and dry lots and we've had some bad runs of ice in the past few years.

  3. i expect teh enforced rest will be helping your knees :-)

    on the sunday singing - do you have to do all that getting up and down? will they not let you just sit (I know standing is better when singing.. but in current circumstances? ?)

    fresh air will do you the world of good (not to mention food cooked by others!)

  4. So happy to hear you got outside and were able to do some chores. It's always better with the horses and fresh air is wonderful for making you feel better any time. I'd be willing to bet your knees feel better because of the rest and the meds together. Get some rest.

  5. After more than a year of cooking almost every meal in our house (and we rarely eat out), I definitely agree: everything tastes better when someone else made it.

    Take it easy.

  6. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better and moving. Please take the time it takes to heal, no need to hurry.

    It will be nice for you to sing at the Vespers.

    Is it a type of Christmas Carols songs with Christmas so near.

    We went to see Chritsmas carol in 3D at the cinema with Oliver and two of his friends ... not really a child film, not very good either. I ought to listen more closely to the Rotten Tomatoes website for film review. Somehow they ALWAYS get it right.