Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh, The Weather Outside Was FrightfulThis is the house after the snowstorm. The snow is level with the front porch which is about a foot and a half above ground level. It does make a pretty picture for the holidays.

This is the east driveway that leads up to the garage. It's a little hill up and when it really snows badly, this can drift in pretty deeply. We lucked out with the wind during this storm so it wasn't as bad as it can get. Still, it does give you a feel of the snow's depth. This was a big storm for New Jersey, especially this early in the winter--well, actually before winter's official beginning.

The view to the barn from the house. I'm nearly at the back door so you can get a feel for how far it is to the Boys. Not bad at all when you have to trudge out there in bad weather.

This is the view from the barn across the back lawn to the house which you can just see at the top right corner. Again a sense of the snow here after my farmer friend plowed me out. What a sweetheart to help me out in my time of need. He used an ATV with a plow on it. I was surprised at how well it moved the snow. Right next to where I was standing is my tractor which is a honey for moving snow with four wheel drive and its front end loader. I am not exactly in shape at the moment to bounce around on it, plowing, however. I offered it to my farmer for use should he need it, though, so we are on a good wave length with that.

And here's Tucker! He'd just finished digging his way through the snow for a morsel or two of hay....or something. I just thought he looked so cute with his face all snowy. And, he insisted on looking right at the camera for a good shot.
Here's Toby out in the snowy sunshine, sporting his grubby looking blanket. It has a duct tape patch on it for now. Not quite the picture of fashion.
And for some reason, Chance just wouldn't look at me. Normally, he likes to have his picture taken. He was, though on the far side of the run in and the Big Boys were hogging the limelight. He very much takes on the role of low horse in the herd, so I think he was deferring to them this time. I'll try for a better shot another day.
I am, as you can see, well dug out. The roads look pretty good and I may go to the tack store to see if there are any reasonalbly priced blankets for the ill dressed horses. If not, it's fine. I have some sheet/blanket combos to use if something should fall apart over the next few days and it is supposed to get warmer again. (Well, I know it will eventually, but I meant over the next few days. *G*)
Oh, and the electric bill? They are sending me a refund check. Apparently, there have been some messed up billing errors in their system and they are finally getting it all straightened out. At least now I know that my solar system was working and I was actually producing more electricity than I was using--a good thing. I should be getting a refund check soon. Yea!!!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    A refund check sounds pretty good - almost like having saved money without even realizing it!

    That's a lot of snow - we're expecting more later this week.

    Love the pictures of the boys - Tuck's face with snow is very cute!

  2. It sure looks pretty, but I'm glad it's at your house instead of mine.

  3. It all looks so pretty and festive until you have to go out and plow and shovel. Glad you had help with that. We're in the same boat as you, but we're all cleared out too.

    Love the pictures of the boys, hope we get to see more of them.

    Great news about the electric bill. Now you can go out and splurge on something you really want with your 'found money'.

  4. Glad to see you have some sunshine. It all looks very pretty, (from a distance).

  5. I always thought duct tape was the epitome of fashion, all my favorite items of apparel are sporting it!

    Great pictures, the boys look so cute in the snow. I agree that it's far nicer to look at than to live in, though.