Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why Do They Do That?

The Rains Have Come

Looks like we are in for at least four days of rain if the forecast is right. I thought I might have a chance to work the Boys this morning, but alas, it was already raining when I went out to feed.

Tucker is still free to go in and out, but once the ground starts to get muddy, I will be putting him in his stall. Turnout will be limited to the riding arena for the time being.

But here's the question of the heading. The Boys have two run in roofs attached to the barn, three open doors to their box stalls, and a run in shed in the arena. Yet, there they stood under the limited shelter of some wispy tree branches along the woodside of the arena. They had on just flysheets and it is rather chilly out there.

Why do horses do that? Are mine the only ones? You'd think that with plenty of real shelter, they would want to be better protected.

Chris, my former trainer, used to say that horses didn't like being inside during the rain, etc. because the rain on the roof was noisy and if it was windy, the barn would make all kinds of noises. They wanted to be outside so they could see what was going on and flee if necessary.

OK, that could make some sense, but I just came in from switching them over from flysheets to waterproof turnouts, and they seemed quite content to stay inside after I was done, munching on all the nice hay they'd left in their stalls. And, if I do lock them in if there are bad storms, they certainly aren't ever upset or fretting in the stalls. Half the time I'll go in to find them bedded down, sleeping.

This is a horse behavior I just can't quite fathom.

Looks like riding will be on hold through the weekend, as will, I suspect, my witch story telling adventure. Too bad about that as I have some really cute pictures all set up and I even wrote a new song for the kids to participate in.

If worse comes to worse, I will contact my friend who works at the nursery school in Cranbury and offer to go in to do "my thing" for them. Might do that anyhow. It would be fun. And now that it's all written and ready to go, I should use it somehow.


  1. Just got back from getting my oil changed and couldn't believe there was snow mixed in the rain. Ugh!

    My horses stay out all day unless there is a blizzard or other catastrophic weather. We have three run in sheds and they all prefer to stand under the trees, even during lightening storms. Go figure. The only one that wants to come in is Sweetie, the first crack of thunder and she's at the gate. I have to think she's the smartest one of the whole bunch.

    I think your story and pictures and song will be greatly appreciated at the nursery school. The children love that sort of thing, I know my 4 year old granddaughter can't wait for her Halloween party at school!

  2. Ah, the dreaded cold Fall rains! I was hoping the weather man was just pulling my leg.

    My boys do the same thing, but the pony mare high tails it to the barn at the first hint of rain. Perhaps it's a gelding vs. mare thing? The geldings only come in after I've put hay in their stalls. Typical men, always follow their stomachs!

  3. I love your latest comment Shannon ^-^
    Let's face it Horses are not teh brigtest creatures on Earth .. standing under trees during a lightning storm hmmm ...

    I will not think too much about it. My mare likes to be tucked in bed. She is quite a precious Princess!

  4. Well, they are horses and their ancestors and living wild relatives live out 24/7 so they are physically and mentally programmed for it. I believe that with long legs and stocky bodies they are built to conserve heat and more comfortable in cold than heat. However, not the Yukon I wouldn't think!