Saturday, October 03, 2009

And Saturday Slid By

But It Was Warm

Warm and humid, as a matter of fact, feeling more like summer than fall. I put Tucker out with the other two Boys late morning. I did not lunge him to check his soundness.

Then I came back into the house and did some chores. Soon the phone rang and some of my very good, longtime friends were driving around the area, visiting "old times," and hoped they could drop by for a visit. Ed's brother was up from Florida. Since their family and Dan's family used to live in our area, they were touring old, once familiar places, looking for houses they used to know, driving on roads they were once quite adept at traveling and just in general, sightseeing.

I did a flurry of quick vacuuming and general tidying up, and soon, my friends were at the door. It had managed to rain in the early afternoon, but I'd left Tucker out anyhow as it was just a series of passing showers and the footing never really got too wet out there. We humans sat inside and chatted about all kinds of things, catching up on all the developments in our lives since we last saw each other at New Year's weekend.

Then, we went out to see the Boys. Dan and Ed both already knew Toby and had met Tucker when he was quite a bit younger, but this was their first introduction to Chance. Both men had owned and competed their own horses but have since become involved in showing and competing Welsh Pembroke Corgis. Ed, especially has trained two dogs in agility and been quite successful at it. They no longer ride as the horses were taking up more time and energy than either wanted to expend.

May I say though, that my Boys were quite friendly. And they liked Chance a lot. Dan even remarked on what a nice shoulder he had and Chance obliged by posing quite handsomely. Tucker wanted the bulk of the attention and horse treats, kind of pushing his way into the group repeatedly while Toby was much more polite and ever the gentleman.

By the time my friends left most of the afternoon had wafted by. I needed to go to the drugstore to get a prescription. Then I came home, fed the Boys and that was my Saturday.

I had a good time and the Boys had lots of treats. Who can complain about that?


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    How nice to have a visit from friends - and friends that appreciate horses!

    I have a friend who doe agility with her dogs - standard poodles - although I expect they're in a different height division from the Corgis!

  2. I spent my Saturday mostly sleeping, LOL, good thing we didn't have visitors, I do need to do some cleaning!

  3. Hooray Corgis! My Lewis is the most darling little corgi ever.(Though I'm sure your friends' dogs are very nice and win more ribbons then Lew ever will.)