Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nearly A Perfect Day

And A Nice Ride Too!

I took Chance out for a longish hack this morning. It was sunny and warm, a perfect fall day. What I wanted to do was see how muddy it was in back of the farm we preserved just in case we might want to drive some of the "tourists" around back.

The footing was great, no mud, and Chance wanted to trot for quite a stretch. I let him go, asking him to reach down into the bit as he did and he was happy to oblige. I'm sure he really wanted to canter, but since I've only had him out there once before, I wasn't too sure I wanted to let him. But, he was a solid performer, nice and calm and controllable, to next time, we'll go for it.

When I got back I cantered him in the arena for a few circuits on each lead and then called it a day.

Just to take it a bit easy on myself, I lunged Tucker next. I was pleased to see he looks sound in both directions, so losing that shoe again didn't seem to have any adverse effects. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and, if it's not raining, I will ride him a little.

Carrots all around ended that part of the day, and soon I was headed over to the farm for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

As always seems to be my lot, I ended up as "mistress of ceremonies." I've learned a little trick that suits me well to start off a program--I broke into song. This time, it was "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," a spiritual suited to both the farm's connection to slavery and also with the lyrics suggesting the longed for end of a journey home, it seemed to suit the house. It worked again, got everyone's attention and settled the crowd for the speeches.

We had a State Assemblywoman, a County Freeholder, a Township Mayor, Township Council person, two invovled citizens, and one of the members of the family who owned the farm from back in the 1700's all speak. Everyone was short, to the point, and very appropriate. Then we put up and cut a ribbon, posed for pictures and I ended it all with one more chorus just to bring it all full circle.

We had refreshments and a social hour. I took the newspaper reporter and photographer on a house, property and graveyard tour. It really was a nice event. Just the right amount of speechmaking and a great group of people.

The beautiful weather added to a wonderful afternoon celebrating a very special preservation.

I still have choir rehearsal to go to, and perhaps a meal out with my choir buddies.

It's hard for a day to be more perfect. It's only flaw is that it is going to come to an end.


  1. It all sounds wonderful. So glad that everything worked out with the preservation. My hope would be they would allow you to ride over there in the future. Congratulations on a wonderful end to a long project.

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Excellent day - may their be many more like it!

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Ahem . . . may there be . . .

  4. I am glad you had such wonderful day. I enjoy reading your blog, your life is so active interesting. I cannot wait for Halloween night reading your stories to Oliver ^-^

  5. I love "Swing Low Sweet Chariots", I also like that you have a trick or two up your sleeve using your singing voice for crowd control. Brava!