Friday, October 02, 2009

Two and a Half Horse Friday

All On An Autumn Day

Tucker was quite a bit sounder today, so I decided since it was dry, I would let him out for part of the day. I closed off the riding arena and pasture so the Boys could not come into the barn area where the mud lingers, and let him loose.

Well, I should have had the camera. Talk about flying horses. I think Tuck spent as much air time as he did on the ground. Guess when he's up there he certain doesn't put any weight on his sore foot. And, although it was hard to tell, he did look pretty loose in his hind end, so it's possible the acupuncture has done the trick for the time being. Of course, until he is completely sound again on that front foot and I am able to ride, I will not be sure about the rest.

Later in the afternoon when things had settled down again, I took Chance out for a hack in the woods. He is so funny. He loves to survey the vista as we go along, but his body tends to follow his gaze, so if I don't steer him, he will actually walk right into a tree! He will look off to the right, taking in the scenery, he will then wander off the trail to the right and not notice the tree. I saved him several times, but I am wondering if perhaps running into a tree on his own might be a good lesson for him. Since we were only walking a the time, such a crash would be minor. *Have to think this through....*

When I got back, Toby and Tucker were standing by the gate between the pasture and arena (which I had closed) demanding to be let in. I took the opportunity to halter Toby, let Tucker into his stall and then took Toby back out to the arena for a short lunge session. I always love watching him move as, even at 19, he is fluid, soft, supple and forward. It makes me feel good to see him sound and comfortable.

Then I decided to have him jump the little jump still set up. Well, that was exciting!! Talk about forward, talk about flying, talk about bucking in between just because it was fun! Well, do all that and you are talking about Toby! Enthusiasm, exuberance, and just plain "go!" All I can say is that I'm glad I wasn't riding.

I've locked Tucker in is stall for the night. At some point it's going to start raining again, so I want him to keep his feet dry. I treated him with "sugardine" which is a combination of iodine and sugar designed to help dry out his feet and ease the soreness in that front hoof. I doubt I will be able to turn him out tomorrow if the forecast is right, but perhaps I will be able to lunge him a little to see how he is feeling.

Meantime, I have the other two to play with. Talk about a wealth of riches.


  1. It sounds wonderful and you are not missing work at all.

  2. Your boys sure sound fun.

  3. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Sounds like everyone enjoyed their day!

    I thought only Dawn ran into objects while intently looking elsewhere! She seems to forget she has a body - she's all gaze, and the body wants to follow. She's run into fences, the side of her stall, you name it. When her nose runs into something, she gives this "unh" grunt - sort of a combination of surprise and disgust.

  4. What a great day. Sounds like your boy is feeling much better. I had to laugh about the running into trees, my horse Erik would actually walk into walls,trees etc. just because he never paid attention and was off in never-never land most of the time.

  5. Lucky you, you two others horses are sound. When I owned two horses they used to go lame both together!!!

    I would let Chance run into the tree. As discussed before, it is HIS responsability to watch where he is going!

  6. What a nice you had! Sounds as if things are looking better! Safe rides and hava great week!