Friday, October 23, 2009

Like The Weather?

Wait a Minute, It Will Change

The last rose of summer???????

Woke up to a fairly mild morning, but I had a chiropractor/physical therapy appointment so I didn't have time to do much then. So I went out and took some pictures.

The rosebud is still ready to open, if it doesn't get caught by a frost. And the trees are starting to turn color. But the Boys already have--bright orange in their flysheets for hunting season.

Headed out to the chiro...when I got back out, the temperture must have dropped nearly 20 degrees and the winds were blowing.

I dropped by the farm to get the story on the old barn which may not have much left to save, and nearly froze, even with my long, lined raincoat.

While it never did rain, the winds were stiff, discouraging me from working the Boys. On the other hand, my chiropractic adjustment and the physical therapy treatments also kind of discouraged much too.

Normally, I would not mind the cold, but the change was too abrupt for my system. The Boys didn't seem to mind too much but when I brought them in tonight, I dressed them all in rainsheets. If the promised rains do come, Tucker will have to spend some time inside again for the sake of his shoes, but the sheet will still be on. The winds are coming from the northeast which does tend to blow in a bit on his side of the barn.

It looks like rain all day tomorrow, so I guess my storytelling will be canceled again. I still don't know about Sunday, but I will be telling it for an "enrichement" group of children at the local library next week, so that should be fun.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Love the matching orange sheets! We've been having the wind and rain all day too, and it's supposed to be getting colder tonight - it seems winter is heading our way a bit early.

  2. Loved all your pictures and the boys orange sheets. It's supposed to get windy here with rain tomorrow. We'll see. The temps have dropped dramatically since yesterday. Stay warm.