Monday, October 26, 2009

Which Witch?

Is Which?

Fed the Boys in the morning and Tucker, in his ever self-centered eagerness to get his grain managed to step on the side of my right foot. He is a bit pushy sometimes and I have to constantly remind him of my space. This was in the shavings, so at least it was on a soft surface so it could have been worse. I escaped with a bruised and sore little toe, enough to make me a little "limpy" for the rest of the day.

When I left for church, I put Tucker in the riding arena with the other Boys in the paddocks. Because it was breezy, the mud dried up just a little after the heavier rains of the night, so when I came back home, I opened up the gate to the pasture and let all three Boys use the arena and pasture for turnout.

No riding, however as I then had to go to the farm market to play Jenny the Storytelling Witch. I have added a haunted house story song to my repertoire, so that was fun for the kids. This time, instead of being scheduled in slots of time, I was at a picnic table and called little groups of children over to join me. The table wasn't the best, but once I started my little performance I'd usually get a more children to come over. I must have sung the song and told my modified version of the Reggie the Cat story dozens of times during the day. It seemed to be pretty successful.

Again, though, I was pretty worn out by the time I got home. It was another really good weather day, crisp and sunny.

I love autumn, even when I'm dressed as a witch.


  1. Sounds like Jenny the Witch was a bit hit with the children. It must have been lots of fun entertaining them with your stories and songs. They'll remember their good time I'm sure.

  2. The witch gig seems to suit you! :) Glad the foot wasn't damaged worse and hope it heals up OK.

  3. bad toe to add to bad knee, not clever! hope it is only a bruise..