Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Best Pas De Deux I Have Ever Seen

You Have to Love This

Argh! Blogger posted this back a few days so I am reposting for those who did not see it. As noted below, the regular Follywoods post is below this one.

I have tried several times to get Blogger to post this video properly with no luck. I keep getting an error message.

Instead I am posting the Youtube link. If you haven't seen this pas de deux, you are going to enjoy it. To me, this is what dressage should be all about.


Yesterday's regular Follywoods post is below with a short report on Tucker.


  1. Oh yeah! That's cute. And clever too - to keep two such different horses hitting the markers together. My favourite bit is the Pony circling around the Shire up the centre line.


  2. it is great, isn't it? did you spot the buck the pony put in?

  3. I loved this!!! Sent the link to another friend. I think Tetley and I need to do something like this. He does like ponies and wants one of his own. Maybe when we get settled in the US I can get him one.

  4. That pony is a little superstar! Loved the circling on the center line...very cute. Would have liked it even more if a kid was riding the pony. Thanks for the smile therapy.