Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hacking Between the Raindrops

Trail Rides for All

It was supposed to rain all day. But the morning proved to be more of cloudy, then sunny, then showery, then sunny, then cloudy, then drippy, then....etc. I took advantage of the breaks to take each Boy out for a nice hack in the woods.

For the most part, we all followed the "Tucker Trail," as it is shorter and quite a nice little trip.

I rode Tucker first, and since I haven't done much riding with him in the last two weeks, I worked him just a little in the arena first. He laid his ears back and threatened when I put my leg on to canter, but I gave him a slap with the reins, and a good angry shout and he cantered off nicely. I don't know if he thinks something is going to hurt, or if something does bother him, but for now, I insisted and he was just fine once he got going. I was on a fairly loose rein and did not ask for any tight turns or major physical challenges, though. Once I'd assessed his overall attitude as pretty relaxed, I took him out.

Our timing was good as an ATV with I think, my neighbor's kids came whizzing past along the edge of the field while we were still on the woods trail going out to the field. Tucker looked as they went by but kept his cool. Good deal, as I would have expected him to jump around at bit. The rest of the ride was rather uneventful with just a little bit of trotting here and there and the rest at a nice loose walk.

I took Toby out next and, as usual, nothing unusual happened and we too had a lovely stroll. It was pretty warm so I was in shirt sleeves and even when the raindrops hit me, it wasn't chilly at all. Curious as yesterday was miserably cold and windy. The rain must have brought up another tropical front.

I took Chance out last with the plan of perhaps going up the dirt road that used to lead to my grandmother's house to see whether there was the possiblity of cutting another trail across where her driveway used to be. That would give me another short or medium option trail when I wanted some more variation on the paths I now have. All was well until, up ahead, along came a hunter with two labradors--one black and one golden. They saw Chance at the same time that he saw them and they started galloping towards us as the hunter tried to call them back. The golden stopped, but the black kept a'coming, so I turned Chance around and headed back the way I had come.

I have no idea how Chance behaves around dogs, and I wasn't too keen on finding out today. They did unsettle him, but that does not mean he would have stayed unsettled once he got a good look at them. But, I also do not know if he would kick at them or if they were the kind of dogs who would behave around him. I'd much rather test it out under controlled conditions.

We ended up riding the Tucker Trail in reverse, but as we were heading home it started to rain in earnest. I got a bit damp, got us both into the barn and, in about 10 minutes the sun was out again.

After I settled the Boys back in again--with Tucker on his "mud" turnout in the arena, I went to the feed store to get some alfalfa cubes. On the way back, I stopped at the corn maze run by the family that farms our saved farm. I spent about an hour wanderin through the maze which would have been a lot more fun if the mud hadn't been so slippery on the paths.

This year they had cut paths in the shape of the heads of a horse, a pig, a sheep and a duck, with a silo at one end. I managed to see most of the trivia questions for all but the duck as, by then, I was running out of steam. It took me a little bit to get myself back out, but all it all it was kind of fun.

Stopped at the market on the way home, unloaded the hay cubes, fed the Boys, came inside, made a casserole and a ham sandwich and now I am collapsed in front of the computer.

Tomorrow, I will probably be "witching" at the farm market.

How did the weekend get so busy?


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Nice when you can get a ride in this time of year - the bugs are gone (at least here) although we did have a brief outbreak of gnats one day last week on a warm day.

  2. It's so nice that you got all three out on the trails. Glad there was really no trouble with the dogs. The maze sounds like fun. Have a witchy time for the rest of the weekend.

  3. But WE are always busier, that is why we have the week for resting ^-^

    Nice hack! You are a pretty fit lady for riding three horses in a row!

  4. Sounds good,mine are both pretty dog proof as they are used to mi lote. I do have to watch them as they both can have an evil side occasionally and will go for the dogs in the field although they seem to know they arent allowed undersaddle.
    My weekend are more hectic than my week days quite often.