Monday, October 26, 2009

On Thing After Another

Tooth to Toe

Sunday morning, when I brushed my teeth, I noticed I'd chipped off a bonded repair to a front tooth I'd damaged when a PVC post for my flag pole hit me in the mouth. This was, apparently, some 6 1/2 years ago, so the repair did have some age on it. I was at the dentist just about three weeks ago for my regular check up and he had polished the repair as it had a bit of a stain on it.

So I called this morning and got an appointment right away. I headed out after the Boys were fed and the bulk of the morning chores were done.

The dentist appointment took all of about a half hour at the most, perhaps less and the new repair looks great!

But while I was en route, I had a brainstorm of sorts, motivated by something an lovely little elderly lady suggested when I was at the farm market on Sunday. She suggested that if I told fortunes, I could "make a mint" there. Since I may be going back on Halloween night for a special evening of fun at the farm...depending on the weather....again, I thought adding some fortune telling would be kind of fun.

I used to teach some psychic phenomenon classes years ago and was fairly good at inventing readings from the Tarot cards. But I am out of practice, and thought perhaps I could spend some of my Barnes and Noble gift cards getting either some simpler fortune cards or at least a good Tarot book to bone up.

This led me on a moderate drive to the bookstore two towns over. Then, while I was there, I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to have a crystal ball as a prop?" This led me to a Halloween store search along the highway.

Well, I never found a crystal ball, but I did find a round lamp globe, a PVC pipe base and a flashing multi-colored light to put inside. Kinda neat. I got the idea of the lamp globe after I visited a nifty little haunted house at one of the places selling Halloween decorations.

I'd made a big driving circle at that point, spending about four hours shopping around for the pieces I needed once I realized I wasn't going to find a "pre-made" crystal ball.

By the time I got back home, I was pretty tired, but I didn't realize how tired until I went out to long line Tucker.

He was a bit of a rascal. Good for the most part, but he did take off in a gallop once or twice and I had to run a little to keep hold of him...not easy on two bad knees and a sore toe.

Then I set up the jump just to give his muscles a different kind of stretchy workout after being asked for some real collection.

Well, "Mr. Rocket Launch" was quite a naughty boy, using a "speed plunge" on the end of the lines to race around the jump instead of over it too many time to satisfy me. At one point, the outside line snapped where, I guess the nylon has been worn by rubbing on the surcingle rings.

I knotted it back up after Mr. "Let Me Bolt Around on the Circle Like a Crazy Horse," finally let me reel him in. After that, I really took control and made him jump a few more times nicely. But by then Tucker had worked up quite a sweat, and I was exhausted. My mind could have done some more, but my legs had just given up. And the sore toe didn't help either. *sigh*

I took him back into the barn, sponged him off, put the cotton cooler on him and fed everyone. Chance did not get the long line workout I had planned, but perhaps we'll do it tomorrow.

Let us just say for now that both Tucker and I had a good workout.


  1. Naughty Tuck obviously thought you'd not done enough running around for one day!:))))
    Very good ideas.

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Sounds like Tuck was too full of beans! Glad you survived and hope not too sore afterwards.

  3. Just what you needed after a full day shopping for your Halloween props. The fortune telling sounds like it will be fun and I'm sure everyone will love it. Tucker sounds like he was blowing off some steam today, maybe tomorrow he will behave.

  4. What a rascal! Bet he had loads of fun tearing around. I know it's naughty but it also tells you that he enjoys moving, enjoys life and that is a joyous thing to witness!