Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Short on Stamina

But I Did Get Some Work Done

I fed the Boys this morning, carted hay out to the pasture and filled the water tub in the arena with several bucketfuls of water. Fine. Turned the Boys out.

Came inside and "computerized" for a while, just kind of relaxing.

Around 3 or so I went out to clean stalls. Did Tucker's and Toby's since Chance's didn't really need much as he spends most of his time outside. Put a bag of shavings in Tucker's stall since he is staying in at night. Two wheelbarrow loads out to the manure pile.


It is a nice, perhaps too warm day. The bugs were out, so I put the orange flysheets on the Boys.

Then I went out to poo pick the arena. There was quite an accumulation near the gate to the pasture. Since I usually don't ride much at that end, I'd left it the last time I picked. I filled one wheelbarrow load, dumped it, and that was that. I felt my energy sap to a low level.

This time, for once, I decided to call it quits and take a break. I guess yesterday was a bit more draining than I'd realized. I feel fine, just worn out.

By the way, I did not drive myself to the hospital. I had a good friend take me there. Then she went to help out another friend who is laid up with a bad back--horse owner who needed a lot of chores done--while I had my surgery. Then she brought me back home. The hospital was very clear about my not driving.

It was an interesting experience aside from the surgery itself as I encountered all the legal concerns the medical profession has to deal with. I was asked the same questions over and over about when I'd eaten last, if I had any allergies, whether I understood the risks, etc. And at every single point along the way, I had to verify my identity with my name and birth date and often, what procedure I was there for. I signed release papers two or three times and watched my doctor sign a whole pile of papers.

While it was all very efficient I kept thinking how complicated it all has become due to lawsuits, and medical insurance. Thank goodness I was preregistered when I got there or there would have been another round of interrogations and paper signing. By the time I got to the operating room, it was all rather anti-climatic. As a matter of fact, I went under the anesthetic so fast I don't even remember a second of it. At least when I had my knees operated on I had to count backwards. Yesterday, nothing...just oblivion.

I woke up in recovery during some kind of dream with, I think, the horses in it. I seem to remember a few nurses around me kind of telling me where I was, so maybe I was dreaming aloud? Who knows. I'm sure the nurses are sworn to secrecy about that kind of stuff. *G*

Another thing I noticed was how kind everyone there was. There was a true sense that all the staff cared about the patients. It has to be a hard job to be there for people all day like that, and once more I gained a new sense of respect for those in the medical profession. The hospital called me up this morning as well to make sure everything was OK.

Wish the USA would get this darn health insurance straightened out, so everyone can benefit from the kind of care I received.


  1. You may feel short of stamina, but that sounds like quite a workout to me! Certainly more than I would be up to on even a good day.

    The whole health insurance thing is a disgrace and desperately needs fixing - it was almost by chance that we ended up with employer sponsored insurance, and look at the fine mess we've ended up with as a result.

    Glad all went well at the hospital and that you were treated so well by staff. Must be a good place.

  2. Glad to hear from you today. I have been thinking of you. We are very interested in the health insurance debate as, I think I have mentioned, our oldest boy does not have health insurance.

  3. General anaesthetics knock me down for a week or so Jean. Take it easy on yourself.

    ML *I* worry about him not having insurance, I can't think what you do - just put it out of your mind I guess?


  4. I have health insurance through my husband's work. Before I got married, I hadn't had insurance for 10ish years. I survived... That said, it's good to have.

    I'm glad your surgery went well, and it helps you feel better.

  5. That's a lot of work to take on after anesthesia. Hope you take it easier tomorrow and get your stamina back sooner than later. Glad you had a good experience with the professionals.