Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Off

Off to a Saddle Job

After church I drove on out to the Flemington area about an hour away to help a women with an Ansur saddle she had bought on eBay. She really did get a super bargain.

She has a really cute, round black and white pinto and the Ansur is the perfect saddle for him. What we did work on was some supplemental padding to lift the saddle slightly in front. This gave it better balance for his conformation and made the saddle fit the rider better. It was a fun afternoon but decidedly time consuming.

I had already decided to give Tucker and Toby the day off after the lessons, and might have ridden Chance, but I was kind of worn out by the time I got back home, so I let him go again.

At this rate, his training will progress very slowly. Still, I am not too worried about it. There's nothing at stake and he is proving a pretty easy train, so taking my time is not an issue.

Stacie went to the young horse auction at Rutgers University where the animal science students sell their project horses every year. She had her eye on one of the youngsters, but was outbid. Perhaps, as she said, just as well. The neat thing was that, according to the newspaper, two of the students managed to buy their project horses for themselves...the way the article worded it, it seems the auction has a built in understanding that if the students want to bid on a horse they've raised from a foal, then they will definitely win it. (This kind of rigged auction is absolutely fine with me and one of the students bought her "baby" for only $1000.) Great little article in the paper can be found here: (Monday, April 28 issue if you look after today.)

It is pouring rain off and on today so I don't know what the riding will be like when I get home. I should do a little work with Chance, but if the ground is really muddy, then I need to set up the little pen again for Mr. Lose a Shoe Tucker....if the shoe is still on when I get home. *sigh*

Hard to tell, actually. It has been very, very dry for several weeks, so the water may just soak in and not create a quagmire.

More later.


  1. that's interesting about the horses. might be something for the equine colleges over here to get into, don't suppose many get the chance to work with youngsters.

    sad news on the same page about one of the staff at south brunswick high? guess you know him....

  2. I hope you get paid for the Ansur consultation Jean?

  3. Yes, I did get paid for the Ansur consult.

    I don't know the teacher. Even though I live in South Brunswick, I actually teach for the County (not the local Township of South Brunswick, but the County of Middlesex) and my school is in East Brunswick.

    Sad news indeed whenever something like that happens.

  4. Great idea for the equine Uni.

    It is raining here too. But so little.

    I keep begging the Brits to send us some water, but they seem to want to keep all for them ...sniff

  5. Muriel you can have all the rain you want...please let it goes somewhere else for a change.Obviously your rain dances arent working:))

    Funnily enough its been a lovely day here today even though we were forecast for more of the wet

    Nice idea about the horses!:)