Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lost Momentum

And the Shoe Goes On!
It was another nice day as I left school. I was a bit later than usual and I checked my phone messages before I left the parking lot. (It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving in New Jersey.)

Lo and behold, Scott, my farrier, had called to tell me he'd be there between 4:30 and 5:00 to shoe Tucker. I pulled into my driveway before 4:30, and was signing a card for a registered letter when a car horn beeped behind me. It was Scott.

I drove on up out of his way, then leaped out of the car to collect Tucker from the paddock. Fortunately he was right near the barn and quite happy to let me put a halter on to take him in for his shoeing.

I had a good visit with Scott, his assistant Kyle, and Scott's beloved Border Collie, Jack. It is so sad seeing Jack now as he is 15 years old and definitely not the young, vibrant dog he once was. He is now deaf and has some serious arthritic problems in his hind end. He used to love to play fetch when he came to my house and I have toys here for him. This time, though, he had no enthusiasm. But he did sit at my back step waiting for me to come back out of the house when I went in to change my clothes. Scott told me he is getting a new puppy once it's ready to leave its mom--a nephew of Jack, but we both know the rest of the story is still sad. Jack is a very special dog. I have sent Scott information about a really good acupuncture vet I know in the area just in case he wants to try to make Jack more comfortable with that kind of treatment. Fifteen years is a good long life for a Border Collie, and Jack has had a wonderful life visiting all kinds of farms with Scott. I'm sure he will be able to teach the new puppy all the important duties of being a farrier's dog.

After Scott left, I fed the Boys, but then I had to go vote in the local school board election.

By the time I got back home, I had lost all my "horse momentum," and didn't manage to ride.


  1. Does he give Jack glucosamine Jean? Vets over here swear by it. I take it and have no pain in an arthritic finger joint since a few weeks after I started. Superhubby has significant movement in a broken wrist that the specialist told him would never move again.


  2. but on the other hand, 15 IS a good age for a collie...but the glucosamine may well do the trick.

    equine america sell some for dogs as well as horses...and people of course!