Friday, April 11, 2008

Teeth Done

Long Vet Session

My vet was late getting here. That is a bit unusual as he is almost always on time. But apparently he was waylaid by, of all things, a computer glitch in a new digital x ray program he was using.

At any rate, the deal was Coggins tests, flu vaccines, tetanus, etc, sheath cleaning and teeth floating for everyone.

I am pleased to report all three Boys were good. Dr. Klayman knew Chance had been difficult the last time, so he gave him an extra dose of tranquilizer. It worked. Chance was well behaved for his teeth. It was a basic float and he didn't find anything serious to worry about. He did say Chance was a little heavy and he didn't want to see him get any fatter.

Included in Tucker's session was an acupuncture/chiropractic check. Apparently Tuck's sacroilliac was out but it was a simple adjustment, so that too was good. Again, Tucker was good for the floating and didn't fuss at all. Oh, yes, he could be a bit thinner too. *G* (Am I surprised??? No.)

Toby is always good for the vet, so there was no issue there either. Toby's weight was just right. Cool. One out of three isn't bad. I'll just have to watch everyone if I ever do get grass for them to eat. My pasture is pretty sparse, but the right combination of rain and sunshine could change that.

Still, everything did take time. It was over 2 1/2 hours with everything.

Dr. Klayman's assistant, Mary is wonderful and she held the horses, so all I had to do was just stand around having a nice visit.

With everyone having had tranquilzers, I decided not to ride--which is just as well as I will be going to the school tonight for the play.

Put the Boys' rainsheets back on. Nothing falling yet, but from the looks of the sky we will have at least some showers.


  1. These Warmbloods just don't need the food that the TB's do, do they Jean? I feed mine roughly half what I would feed a similar height TB :-0


  2. i wouldn't bother with rainsheets if it were that warm ....unless they get rainscald?