Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Shoe In

And Tucker Works His Buns

Scott was here when I got home from school.

So, some momentum lost.

He thought I came home earlier than I do, so he thought he might catch me here so I could bring the horses in since he hadn't called to say he was coming. 'Twas not to be. Instead, he had to collect Toby and Chance for their shoeing and trim. Fortunately, they were both cooperative gentlemen, so by the time I got here he was already packing up his tools to go home.

I did give him some Cosequin for Jack (glucosamine/joint supplement) and reaffirmed my belief that the holistic/acupuncture vet would be a really good option. So he may try it.

Since the Boys had been good, I fed them as soon as he left, opting to go out to do some work after dinner was digested.

I had already decided to do some in hand work, and since it is a choir night, my time was a bit limited. I put the surcingle and bridle on Tucker and took him out for a long lining session.

I started him on a small circle, close up to me, using the whip to tap his hind legs to step forward and under while he was in a short frame. He protested a little with a few bucks and at least one threatening kick, but I managed to keep out of trouble and worked him along. Then I sent him out on the large circle and really asked him to move forward in a long frame. He did some very energetic trot and canter on the left, so I brought him back into tight quarters and asked for more collected, energetic trot and canter. He looked pretty good and really had some nice carriage.

Then I swapped to the right rein and repeated the exercises. While he seems to be able to carry himself better in front on the right, I don't think he engages his right hind as easily. (That's the hock that was sore.) Still, I wouldn't say he has trouble, it's just not as easy for him. Again, he stayed very forward and energetic on the large circle and was pretty willing to work in close quarters as well.

I was pretty happy with the results but certainly do wish I were more mobile on the ground so I could do some real driving from behind on the lines. But it is not to be and I have to be content with the circle work where I can more or less stay in one place. I really think the long lining is a benefit to him and it gives me a chance to see how he is using himself.

Hate to say it again, but it was warm enough for a t-shirt again and Tuck was so lathered I had to sponge him off.

I keep pushing the weather front east across the ocean, but why it's not getting there I just can't figure.

Maybe I need to push harder.


  1. No thank you for teh weatherf ront, we need water! YOOPEE we have rain but a bitter cold wind BRRRRRRR

    How would you describ teh action of teh long lines on Tucker's mouth. Are they acting on his lips corner or more on the bars of his mouth?

    Just wondering ^-^

  2. maybe, jean, we should send our weather to you? -:)