Saturday, April 12, 2008

He's a Shoe In or Out

Rode the Fat Horse First

Don't yell at me, but it was almost too warm to ride today. Short sleeved shirt and over 70 F, with a touch of humidity because it kept threatening to rain.

I had a lot of errands to do in the morning, including going for some feed, but before I left I took the rain sheets off the Boys, as even if it did rain they would definitely not get chilled.

Surprisingly enough, they were not too dirty when I finally went out to ride.

I started off with Chance. I switched to the straight bar bit to see if it made any difference to him. The jury is still out, but he did seem far less fussy in it. He was turning well, not quite so stiff on the right rein, and by the middle of the session, he was putting his head down and offering to go on the bit a little. I didn't try any canter today as the arena had some mud puddles in some strategic places and I wasn't quite confident I'd be able to steer if he decided to dive around them. At the end, I stopped him, worked the bit until he was in a lower level frame, then trotted off for one circuit on each rein, quite pleased to find he kept his head down.

Was it the bit? Only time and more rides will tell.

I rode Toby next after a little "catch me if you can" game. I didn't ride him too hard or too long in the arena because I didn't want him to sweat up too much. (Honest, it was THAT warm.) He really does have nice gaits, with a little natural "bounce" in his canter. Then, we walked around the fenceline of the pasture to cool off.

Then, I went out to get Tucker. "Warning, Will Rogers...." (That's a line from an old TV show.) I looked down at his right front hoof shoe. Phooey.

I knew the Boys were due for shoeing/trimming, but when I called my farrier, I found out he was on vacation until tomorrow night--Sunday. So that was a lost cause. I thought Tucker would hold out until he could come, but no dice. Scott's (My farrier) stand in farrier lives up in Sussex--a good hour and more from here. He said if it was an emergency he'd come down, but I just don't think it's fair to drag him all the way down here. He said Scott could probably come on Monday to put the shoe on, so I guess Tuck has another day off. I may try to ride him with the boots but I don't know if he will go evenly with one boot on a shod foot and one on an unshod one. I do know it didn't work last time with one boot and one shod hoof without a boot.

Well, I certainly can't say I lack a horse to ride in the meantime, so all is well.

Oh, yes, Caroline, apparently the warmbloods do put on weight faster than the Thoroughbreds---that is unless the Thoroughbred happens to be Tucker the Tank!

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  1. i dunno, jean, i think you should stop telling us about the weather, it is so NOT FAIR.

    shame about tucker and his shoe, but Monday's not far off, at least....he could have lost it the day scott went away on holiday..