Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Riding, Riding, Over the Bounding Main

Or At Least Over the Budding Trails
Rode Tucker for a short school in the arena, again beginning with him on the bit, fully flexed. Though he did stand there at first, it didn't take a long to get him going this time.

The trot wasn't too bad and I was able to get some more forward strides rather quickly, but I moved right into the canter soon after. Typically Thoroughbred, canter is his easier gait to work and fairly soon he was offering some really good work.

He is definitely better balanced on the left rein and wants to bear down a little more on the right rein. Still, everything is improving and I think if I keep riding him this way he will figure it out, gain some good strength and find it much easier to carry himself as he needs to.

After the school we went out for a lovely hack in the woods.

I just took Toby on the hack part and he was delighted to stop about five times along the way to eat the new spring grass along the way and some tasty greening tree branches. I am quite naughty for indulging him in this bad trail etiquette, but I figure since he is semi-retired, he can have a few bad habits.

I didn't work Chance. Instead, I poo picked the arena and paddock area with him at my side, every ready to tip the wheelbarrow should I turn my back for too long. He did seem to want some special attention, but I didn't quite have the energy to work him, so the "helping me with the chores" had to suffice.

And he got a bonus of some fresh picked grass without the other, bigger boys chasing him away.


  1. Oh Toby can be allowed to eat grass. I do not mind horses to eat grass on trail as long it is ME who lets them do it ^-^

  2. always helpful when one has supervision when doing chores....