Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Heat is On

Lunging in the Dark

I was up in the 70's today and when I got hom from school, I had no enthusiasm for anything.

So, I waited until after choir rehearsal to work the Boys.

It was a lunging night. (The new ring lights work well, by the way.)

First Toby. What is there ever to say? He is wonderful on the lunge line. Except when something rustled through the woods and he took off in a bucking gallop--for about one circle.

Tucker was watching from the paddock for the whole session, and when he came in to the arena, it was pretty clear he intended to show off. His trot was nice and forward. He is not the greatest mover in the world, but he can cover the ground, so he did some good work. He was a little silly in the canter, changing pace and circle shape, but it was still a good physical workout for him.

Chance was waiting at the gate for his turn. He came out with attitude and really wanted to go. I let him start off at the canter on the right lead and he really did keep a nice pace for the entire session. He was equally good on the left and I was really pleased with his forward attitude and cooperation. I think, perhaps, that he doesn't like to be left out and really was trying to please me so I will work him more regularly.

Of the three, Toby has the best gaits, but his neck is set on too level for him to be the ideal dressage mount. Tucker has a short back which limits his suppleness and looseness. His gaits are not as good as Toby's but he has much better balance and will probably be able to collect really well. Chance has a short back, but is a better mover than Tuck. He also has a well set on neck. His limiting factor is his size since he does not have the presence Tucker has. However, as I watch him go, I really think he has a lot of dressage "possibility."

What I have is a nice little herd of horses with interesting training challenges.

My vet is coming tomorrow to do Spring vaccinations and teeth.


  1. It is a good idea to make watch each others working ... you are teasing their herd spirit. I have heard of Western trainers tacking all their horses, then tying them up by the arena, letting them watch. And They say the horses work better .
    Go figure ....

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  3. oops sorry.

    Anyway was saying I wouldnt let AliG watch Polo as i'd hate to think what he'd pick up!)))

  4. mmm - but chance still has some growing to do, doesn't he?

  5. I hope the dentistry was trouble free.