Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caught the Momentum

Everybody Had A Ride

To answer Caroline, I think Scott kind of lost heart about giving Jack anything except Bufferin...a buffered aspirin. I am hoping he may try the acupuncture vet who would, I am sure, recommend the glucosamine. I take it myself and Tucker is on it as well.

Quick Glucosamine tale. My Russell was on it years before it was even recognized by the veterinary community. Then it was known as a green mussel supplement, which was imported from Australia. The old fisherman there would clean the green mussels off the bottoms of boats and eat them. They discovered their arthritis improving and eventually a supplement was made from those shellfish. This was all back in the 1970's. Gradually glucosamine caught on for horses and now, some 40 years later is finally recognized as an effective supplement for humans.

OK, to the rides. I saddled up Tucker first. He had the usual "I can't possibly go forward," reaction to being on the bit, so I rode him a few times around in the tight frame, then let him go long to stretch out to just go forward. Then we went back to the frame. I still haven't decided how he works best. However, I am pleased to report that we suddenly had some pretty good efforts at half pass to the left at both the trot and canter. The third canter attempt came pretty quickly after I had ridden the one before almost as a leg yield. It was as if he finally understood how to move laterally at the canter.

OR....the adjustment Dr. Klayman gave him for his sacroilliac changed something. Sorry to say I didn't ride for a really long session because it was so warm that Tuck was lathered up pretty quickly. (Upper 60's)

Chance was a very interesting ride. The big surprise was that today, he was more supple on the right rein than on the left. Now, the left rein is his "falling in on the shoulder" rein and the right is the "OK, I can go round" rein. I have always found that the training process seems to shift a horse's "stiff" side from one to the other, but I've never had it change this quickly. He also took the right lead immediately and we managed three full twenty meter circles. We repeated the canter of three circles on the left as well, then ended up with some more nice trot work.

I took Toby into the arena for a short exercise session of some trot and canter. I finished each canter set with some counter canter. I found it quite easy to keep him on the lead I wanted, so I can't quite figure out what is happening when Stacie rides him, since he is very quick to offer her a flying change. She must be shifting her weight ever so slightly or giving an aid she may not be aware of. We'll figure it out. She is a good rider and more than capable.

After I rode Toby in the arena, I took him out for a hack in the woods. He was delighted because that meant he could browse on all the trees' new leaves. I indulged him and he was a happy camper.

All in all, it was another good day at Follywoods.


  1. All three - I'm impressed!


  2. That comment was supposed to be on tomorrows not this one!