Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Funday

And I Finally Got the Grain!

I feel much better now. I have eleven more bags of feed for the Boys. According to calculations, that should last about a month. However, I will be placing an order before it starts to run out so I don't have the same problem with the feed store's placing my order.

I rode later in the afternoon after the sun came back out and after I made my very first pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. I've just never been a soup maker, so I decided to use up the rest of the cooked chicken breast I had to make a nice pot of soup. Carrots, celery, onions, chicken broth, noodles and yummy spices simmered themselves into a delicious soup. I am so pleased with it. Now I have some tasty food for my lunch during the week.

Ok, that done, I finally saddled up Tucker and gave him a quick school in the arena. Mostly, I worked on just keeping him light to the bridle and nice and forward in all three gaits. I didn't wear the spurs but he still responded well to the leg. Once I was pretty sure he was settled despite the brisk wind, I took him out for a hack in the woods.

We had a lovely ride.

I rode Chance next, just sticking to the basics in the arena. I am very pleased with how quickly he is improving. He still is not steady, but he has passed the truly annoying green horse phase where he is all over the place and difficult to steer. Now it's more a matter of keeping his regular so he can find a consistent balance. His head still goes up a little, but nothing like before and more often than not he is starting to stretch into the contact.

The best part of the ride were the two canter departs. He took both leads on a cue and felt really able to keep his gait all the way around the circle.

Looking at Chance after I rode him, I realized he really has developed into a solid looking horse with good conformation. His neck has an elegant shape and line. While he is only 15.2 h, short compared to Toby and Tucker at 16.1h and 16.3h he has enough substance to make up for his height. He is shedding back to a beautiful golden chestnut and has plenty of white to make an impression.

As soon as I have an opportunity, I will take some new photos hoping to capture his good looks.

Toby decided he didn't want to do any work today, so I let him be. Instead I went out and picked some nice tasty grass for everyone as the pasture is still pretty sparse. Then I fed them dinner and mowed a bit of the lawn.

I just ate another bowl of my soup for supper and that is the perfect end to a pretty fun Sunday.


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  2. Ooh yes, more photos of chestnut boys :-)

    Very windy here still but at least it's warmer.