Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Birthday Pics

Toby and Tucker in the Pasture
It's My Birthday, So I Took Pictures of The Boys

Here is Chance. He has filled out considerably over the winter. A bit too much, I think, but he is a nice "chunk" of horse. He is just a fraction over 15.2 h.

And of course, Tucker is the bay. Not good conformation shots, but he sure does look shiny and muscly. And Toby, eating. Couldn't get him to look up at all.


  1. Happy Birthday JEAN!

    Your boy look fab, shiny and muscly and bit on teh chubby side.
    But GREAT!

    I like Tucker best, but I love bay horses.
    Chance looks like a big horse. I cannot belive he is only 15.2 :-O

    Best wishes for your birthday.

  2. Oh I love Toby, he has that jowly face look that I'm a sucker for! And Chance is the same build as Jazz, but Jazz is a hand bigger (and a bit thinner :-)


  3. I hope you had a great birthday


  4. oh missed this! chance has really filled out! agree with muriel, looks more than 15.2 ...

    and all that shininess - well, our weather will improve as well!