Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Off to the Theater

All the World's a Stage

Went to chiro after school to get a tune up before my neck or back got bad.

Came home, fed the Boys, caught up on some phone calls and then, headed off to the George Street Playhouse to see the premiere of a new comedy/drama by Elaine May. The show called, "Roger is Dead" is a Broadway prospect and Marlo Thomas, of US TV fame as "That Girl" was one of the leading actors.

Fun time with a very clever plot revolving around some interesting characters. I really had a good time, but as you can tell, I didn't ride.

Friday night I will be going to the school's performing arts department's annual main stage production, "Anton in Show Business." The students are headed for professional careers and the teacher is a master, so that should be a good show too.

We'll just have to see how the timing works out with the riding. The weather was certainly nice enough, so I didn't have an excuse from that end. Just a busy schedule and a clock that seems to work against me.

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