Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I Don't Make My Bed

And Other Housekeeping Issues

Does this not speak for itself?  The striped one is DJ, the black one is Reggie and the gray one is Church.  Like the prophet, I cannot move the covers without disturbing the cats... so that's why the bed is unmade.  Good excuse, huh?

I do tend to vacuum, however, and I pick things up off the floor now and then. But there is DJ, who is the mastermind of the feline feeding frenzy.

He jumps up on the mantel and knocks things to the floor.
Why?  Because I put the cat treats up there.  It's his job to notify me it is time to offer up a morsel to the masses.  Eventually, his nimble paws find the treat container and knock it to the floor as well.

Once it's down, you can tell by his expression that I am therefore obligated to dispense said treats to the hungry hoard below.  Like sharks to blood in the water,  they arrive.
And eat.  That's Patches at the top, b bit distracted.

You can see from the vacuum cleaner cord that I do, upon occasion do some cleaning. But, that must take a back seat to the more important feline matters.

Whatever would I do without furry faces in my life?



  1. Very cute pictures. Clean? Nah. It's more fun to play.

  2. Cats will always find the warmest and most comfortable spot. What a well cared for bunch.

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I have the same bed-making problem - nice!

  4. I love the pictures and the stories. Lucky kitties, they are!

  5. How do you keep such an healthy wieght on you cats????
    Mines are HUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE, I give them diet food. When their bowls are finished they complain about being starved.

    I am very impressed. I like Church because he looks like my Minnie.