Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rainy Day Again

Just Thinking

Rainy days leave plenty of time for thinking.

Of course, I should be doing some housework.  Things are a bit out of control in that department. Once again I need some motivation.  The clothes are half sorted, but I still have a good lot to go through, deciding what I want to get rid of and what I actually need to keep.

Fortunately, the horse clothing is in a bit better shape as far as sorting goes.  The Boys were dressed in their blaze orange sheets which are supposed to be waterproof, but anything beyond a light shower, and the horse underneath is soon as wet as the sheet on top.

But, blessings be, when I clawed through the pile of horse outfits and pulled out three actually waterproof sheets, they were all perfectly serviceable with all straps intact and only minor rips.  Cool!! It only took an extra fifteen minutes or so to dress the Boys in something more suitable for a cold, rainy fall day.

Whenever I am changing blankets or sheets like that, I keep thinking of a mother dressing her children for school in the morning. Thank heavens I don't have the added difficulty of putting boots or galoshes on wiggling feet. My Boys do not wear turnout boots, as they have the 24/7 freedom to go in and out as they please.  Tucker does wear bell boots all the time, but the only time I need to change them is when the velcro starts to rip out.  I do check them to make sure he's not getting chafed, but otherwise, they are kind of  a part of his feet--just there.

I always have to laugh a bit about some of the ads for horse clothing, especially the garb labled "rip proof,"  or "indestructible."  Have those manufacturers actually tested the products in a herd of horses--or in a little herd of three Boys?  Come to think of it, maybe I should volunteer my Boys as product testers.  Somehow, I haven't found a sheet/blanket they couldn't damage.   I must admit, Rambos do hold up well, but on certain horses, they rub terribly--my PJ actually acted lame from chafing in a Rambo.

Which is another issue I have. The shoulder gussets aren't always in the right place.  It's darn expensive to keep testing various brands of horse wear to find out which brand is cut just right for your horse.  It is definitely not a market where "one style fits all."

At any rate, for now, the Boys are dressed for the weather, and I'm indoors looking at the clutter I need to take care of sooner or later.

Maybe I need a plan.

I think I'll think about it.


  1. Oh goodness, I love the analogy of dressing wriggling little boys for school. Having one of three rough and tumble boys I can really relate to this! Can also relate to them seriously testing the 'rip-proof' capabilities of turnout rugs *lol*

    Are your boys big in the shoulder? It's taken me a long time to find a brand of turnout rug to fit!

    Wishing you the inclination and energy for the chores, they really are a pain to start aren't they?!

  2. Ha! there is no such thing as an indestructible rip proof blanket. I can attest to that, I wish they would have horse testers I think we'd all volunteer for that. We just had to purchase 7 more blankets today. The old ones are just not waterproof anymore. And they all came in with two inches of caked on mud tonight. Yuck.

    We must have had the same rainy day thoughts, I actually cleaned out one whole closet today. Good luck sorting through your clothes. I hate these kinds of jobs,as I do them I'm always thinking there must be something more fun I could be doing.

  3. Should I rub it in and tell you we've had eighty degrees every day this week? I have scheduled a client meeting on the coast for tomorrow morning. (Coincidence, of course).
    Do you have a photo of the Boys in Orange gear? Did they wear that for Halloween?

  4. Because we are in the process of deciding whether to remodel or move I too am not motivated to clean/organize.

    Most all rugs rub Tetley in the shoulder. I just bought a Weatherbeeta high neck and the way it's constructed looks roomier in the shoulders. We'll see.