Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Horses In Orange

Windy Day

I may do a bit of work with Chance later, but the ride over to my friend's house is canceled due to the winds. We had some heavy rain last night and now the wind is kicking up off and on in pretty stiff gusts. Not exactly the kind of day to ride out along the woods, or about on Chance on a trail he's only been on once.

Meantime, as requested, some photos of the Boys in orange.

This last one of Tucker on the hill gives you a true concept of the color of the sheets, as does the one above. Somehow the term "high visibility" clearly applies.

From the top down, for those not familiar with my little herd, from the top down are pictures of:  Toby; Toby; Tucker and Toby; Chance; Chance; Toby, Tucker and Chance; Chance and Toby; and Tucker by himself.  It was hard to get a group shot and, of course once they saw me with the camera, there was always the risk of close up" nose shots" only.

Every time I try to take animal shots I realize how much skill, luck and persistence it takes on the part of professional photographers to get the pics they do.  Luck does play a role, of course, but you really have to know what you are doing to do it well.

I need to spend more time experimenting.  My camera has a lot of settings I've never even tried!  *lol*


  1. Very dashing, orange is definitely their color!

    I quite agree on the picture taking. All I do is hold the button down and click away, about one in 20 pictures is usable! I do make some use of photo editing software, though. Mostly to tweak the exposure or contrast, so my horses don't look like featureless brown blobs. *L*

  2. Great rugs ! Thumbs UP ^-^
    I also agree about picture taking. It is quite tough.

  3. Ooh! I plan on getting that blanket in purple after I buy the new horse. How do you like it? Is it pretty sturdy?

  4. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Nice pictures - they're, well, brilliant!

  5. They make a hunting season fashion statement. You should send them in to a catalog or magazine that's selling the blankets as high visibility...they didn't lie! Good idea I wish I had them for my herd.

    Glad you didn't take a chance with the wind it's fierce here too. I just know the electric is going out sometime today.

  6. They wear them well. Thanks for the visuals. Now I must go find my sunglasses:)

  7. Very visible!

    I am embarrassed to admit that I have no idea how to run our camera. I just point and shoot and hope for the best. Because I can not read/see close at all without my reading glasses usually I cannot even see what I am taking a picture of! This is all Dave's department.

  8. I love it! They look smashing.