Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Corn is Cut

So Lots of Places to Ride

The corn is harvested...well nearly as the harvesting machine was still working way out at the other end of the farm.  This opens many more places to trail ride as I now can go down the corn rows and cut across the fields.

So I took Chance out. The ride was not spookless.  A flight of blackbirds flew up from around the tractor trailer parked at the farmhouse.  Chance was already just a little worried about the trailer and the birds startled him. But it was just a jump and then he settled right down again.

Then, out by the pumpkin patch, there was someone trimming around the Christmas trees and a big blue tarp covering some kind of equipment. That all required a few trotting steps and a wide berth, but we got by just fine.  To my surprise, he noticed the dead deer in the field, but he only gave it a glance of curiosity and kept right on going without a fuss.

All in all, I would say he gets high marks again for going out on the trail by himself, exploring new lands.

I did notice, this year, that the corn harvester seemed to have missed more ears than last year. I'm not sure if that's because the drought affected the height of the cornstalks or if the machine was just less efficient than last year.

So, I went out for a bit of a scavenger hunt after I fed the Boys.

I quickly filled my jacket pockets with missed ears and then stuffed a bunch more into the front of my jacket after I tucked its hem into my breeches.

Much to my surprise, I heard Toby whinnying.  This is what he does when I take one of the other horses out on a trail ride.  He calls and calls to them.

But the other two Boys were right there in the paddocks with him! I am flattered to think it, but I actually think he was calling for me!

As I came up the woods trail, there he was at the gate, watching intensely for me to appear.

I guess I am officially one of the herd at last.

Since I gave him an ear of corn once I got back, I have a feeling he will be keeping an eye out for me next time too.

Bribery has its value.


  1. I'll bet he was waiting for you, he probably knew you were out picking corn for him. Glad you had a decent ride even with the spooks. Can't blame him for those, he's a good boy for coming back for you. It will be nice to have more open land to ride on now too.

  2. Aw, I love the Toby story! Horses can be such good friends. And I love using things that were just going to be wasted.

    Good for Chance. He weathered a lot of spooky things out there. Tetley will often jump at something like a flock of birds but usually that's all he does, a jump, then he settles.

  3. I am convinced you are very much part of their herd. Even their alpha female, who bosses them around, and looks after them.
    horses can be very good friends. I know their intelligence cannot be compared to a dog, but IMo they are pretty smart. Smarter then people think ...
    I am glad Teena does not live with us, because I am sure that she would sit at the table with us!

  4. Sounds like a fun ride! Your boys are pretty fun.