Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Breeders' Cup

What Can I Say About the Breeders Cup?

What a disappointment to see Zenyatta lose by a half a head to Blame just now. Had the race been ten feet longer, she would have passed him, but alas, it was not to be.

I am not a big fan of racing.  I love race horses, and have always watched the Triple Crown races. I was fortunate to see John Henry win the first million dollar racing challenge purse at the Meadowlands. And I saw the great Forego come in a very close second in a handicap race at Belmont Park.  I've watched a few races with lesser horses as well, and made some bets in my day.

But a fan? Not exactly.  My heart always ends up in my throat, more worried that someone is going to get hurt. That a champion like Barbaro, or Ruffian will break down and never run again.  Or, to watch a horse like Mine that Bird today--former Kentucky Derby winner come in 10th losing his ninth straight race since that glorious victory.  I worry. Where will they all end up, in the end?

What about the ones who don't win?  Zenyatta, will, of course, become a brood mare, destined, I hope to breed champions like herself.  Forego and John Henry went into happy, idolized retirement at the Kentucky Horse Park.

But what about a guy like Mine That Bird?  Good chance he will go to stud, but the future is no guarantee.  Ferdinand, also a Derby winner, met a tragic end in a slaughterhouse.

When I watch a race, I pray.  I pray all the horses and riders will be safe. And I pray all the horses, win or lose, will be blessed with kind and honorable owners who will always keep them safe and give them a kind retirement.

God bless the Thoroughbreds.


  1. how can a derby winder end up in a slaughterhouse? bizarre...

    sorry to hear the filly was beaten, and by so little... but still, better than most of the boys, anyway!

  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    The horses are beautiful and the races exciting, but there are many things wrong with the racing industry that, for me, take away much of the pleasure.

    Glad the great mare survived her last race in good shape.

  3. There was no clear path for her to run through. I was worried there would be a tangle of legs that would bring disaster. Zenyatta has such charisma and confidence. Her foals will be watched very closely to spot her legacy.

  4. I'm not a big fan of the racing industry, there is a lot that could be better for the horses. I've been to many races and while it's exciting, I'm like you with my heart in my throat hoping no one gets hurt. The shame of it is some do wind up in the wrong hands. But like anything else I'm sure this forum will not change in the future.

    We watched the race and it was so close, I felt bad that she didn't win. When you watch it in slow motion if her head would have been down and stretched out instead of on the upswing, I think she may have had it. Such a wonderful horse I'm sure she'll have some lovely babies.