Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bronco Boy is Off

And I Didn't Win the Raffle

After church, I had time to go out to lunch with a friend and then just enough time to head to the saddle store for the raffle.  There was a huge line at the cash register, so I never did get any more tickets, but I had 7 in the tumbler...all to no avail.  Once again, I did not win.  Sooner or later, they are going to have to give me a longevity prize.

I did get some new feed tubs for the Boys as theirs are pretty squished and cracked.  Time and rubbing tails on them does take its toll.

Anyhow, the raffle was at 2 PM, I still had to stand in line, so by the time I got home, there was enough daylight to ride at least one horse.

Or rather, try to ride one horse. Tucker was the obvious choice as I wanted to see how he felt today.

As soon as I got on, I knew something was up. Mainly, his hind end. It felt six inches higher than it should have. Instead of dropping his hind end to step off at the walk, it was almost as if he lifted it instead.  I walked just a little until I felt it drop and start to move bit better and then put my leg on for trot.  He laid his ears back and balked.  I pushed a bit more--this was on the right rein--and got the same reaction--no trot. So I reversed and asked for trot. This time, he trotted off, but it certainly didn't feel fluid. He was not limping, just not really moving well.  Needless to say, I didn't even think of canter.

I took him back into the barn and got the lunge line.  Then I had to almost drag him back out to the arena, all the time reassuring him that I wasn't going to work him but just needed to watch him move.

On the left rein, he trotted off and looked fine, but when I reversed him, he was limping.  More by the feel under saddle rather than the observation on the lunge line, I still suspect its the hind end.  I didn't make him go around for even a full circle, mostly because I wanted him to know that I understood what he was trying to tell me.

Indulgent mom, perhaps, but there is a difference between a horse that refuses to work because he's lazy and one that refuses because he's in pain.  In this case, Tucker deserves the benefit of the doubt.

I'll call the vet tomorrow, hoping to get my acupuncture/chiropractic doctor out this time. I know Tuck has some hock issues and would benefit from injections, but I can't afford that expense right now unless it's absolutely necessary.  This feels more as if he's thrown something out in his back or hips.

Either way, I will not be riding or lunging him until he gets checked out.

Looks like Chance steps into center stage for the time being.


  1. hope it's nothing serious.....been watching gillian higgins horses inside out, fascinating to see how something small can cause a lot of damage that is impossible to put one's finger on, so hopefully this is an easy one...

  2. I think they always deserve the benefit of the doubt. They can tell us no other way but reluctance and, of course, physical evidence. I remember not being allowed to go home from school decades ago. I had a bad headache but they didn't believe me. I l went home anyway.

  3. Sorry you didn't win the raffle this time either. Sounds like he does have something going on. The vet should be able to give a definite answer and how to treat it. Hope it's nothing major and he feels better soon. Good luck.

  4. Well Teena should have HOCKS (both of them) and left stifle injections ;-( But I already have two vets standing against it.
    There is a very good post on Eventing at Gogo blog. Andrea's mare Gogo hurt herself on a cross. She believed that it might be due to the hocks injection. Yes the injections allow her mare to gain a few degree more of flexions, but she stopped protecting her hocks and took risk, and hurt herself. Check out her blog, I might have misunderstood, but I got it that way. link to her blog, that is FANTASTIC!

    My vet and trainer advised me to use a good joint supplement. In the US of A you have a better choice than us. I would love to have some of "my platinum". Also a course of injection of Adequan is the top of the tops, but sadly very expensive ...

    I hope Tucker will get better soon, it might also be the cooler air and the autumn humidity. I know that Teena is stiffer lately, if fizzier and sillier too O_o

  5. Ugh. Just when you were getting going, too. Poor Tucker.