Monday, November 08, 2010

Argh!!! Some Drive!

School Day

I substituted today.  It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to complete a 15 mile drive!

Route 1, the major highway I need to travel was closed due to a gas main break.  Well, it had actually just reopened by the time I got on it, but by then the traffic was jammed to an absolute standstill.  When I finally did make it to my turn off, that road was clogged to a dead stop as well.

So, I detoured off to the "secret" back way, only to reach the last road I needed to travel on to find it closed for an entirely different reason! I finally got to school a half hour late, but many of the students weren't there yet either, so everything was covered.

Oh, and to top it off, the heat wasn't working in the school building for most of the day, so I ended up wearing my coat and still being cold.

Honestly the drive home wasn't too promising when I looked out to see the two roads I needed to drive on backed up again. This time, a different little detour around the other "back way" saved me a good fifteen minutes, so I managed to cut my drive time to about a half hour.

I got home to feed the Boys by daylight--rainy, cold daylight. Good thing they were wearing their waterproof sheets as it was downright nasty out there.

But, I must admit, this time they were in their stalls, on their own. Could be they were wondering where I was as they have not quite adjusted their internal clocks to Standard Time yet, but the hour should not have made that much difference. Regardless, it was nice to see them all sheltering instead of seeing Chance stuck outside while the older boys hogged the run in shed roof.

Now they are munching on that nice hay I have and their tummies are full of tasty horse feed.

Makes me feel like a good mommy.


  1. It's always nice when they take shelter on their own. This morning around here Donnie was happily standing in the ice storm outside the shed eating hay instead of inside. Honestly you would think he would know better.

    Your drive sounds like a nightmare, I was rerouted around back roads this morning too, I think a tree must have fallen across the main road. Doesn't matter in the end we all got where we were going.

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Horrible driving is the worst. Glad the boys had enough sense to come in out of the bad weather.

  3. Wow, what a struggle to get to work. I know Route 1, it's in Maine too. Ooh, I miss Maine.

    I do love feeding horses. I am glad that Tetley is sort of a hard keeper so I can feed him more.

  4. It started to be winter ...

  5. That is so frustrating. I hate driving. (Also stop lights. Don't get me started.)

    Glad it turned out ok and that your boys had enough sense to come in.

  6. Ugh, how horrid for you. I hope you ended your day with a lovely cup of something warm. Your boys were very smart to get themselves into their bedrooms out of the weather :)