Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cold Day

But Scott Showed Up!

Toby lost a shoe last week. Scott was supposed to come nearly two weeks ago to shoe him and trim Chance, but he never came.  As it turned out, he forgot to put us on his schedule.

Fortunately Toby seemed none the worse for wear with a missing shoe. Scott had suggested perhaps, since I wasn't riding him much, that we try Toby unshod, but I am a bit wary about risking it. He is, at age 20 super sound and has been for years with just shoes on the front. I simply don't want to take a chance of making him sore to save the money.  He might be OK,  and he might not, but why tempt fate?

At any rate, he didn't seem sore on the unshod foot, but I'll watch him for a few days now that he has shoes on both feet again. If he did get a bruise, it may not show up right away.  I had to leave him out instead of confining him to his stall because he fusses and frets when he's locked in and the others are out.

Scott trimmed Chance, who is barefoot, as was quite pleased with the condition and growth of his feet. He's a good solid warmblood cross with good solid hoofs.  I'm hoping he will be able to stay barefoot.

Scott's dog, Mick, and I played "fetch" with nearly all the toys I have here on the property for him.  But, after about an hour or so, I had to call a halt to the games.  Mick came running halfway back with the tennis ball and dropped to the ground, panting like crazy. He was totally exhausted.  After a bit, he got up and wanted to go again, but when I told Scott, he told Mick to get into the truck to take a break.  Mick has had some shoulder surgery and when he plays too hard for too long, he comes up lame.  We did play a little more later, but I'm glad we stopped for a while.  The trouble with Border Collies is that they just don't know when to quit.

The wind picked up as the morning wore on and I just couldn't go back outside to ride.  It was kind of cloudy and definitely cold out there. And, to top it off, I heard a lot of gunshots off in the woods.  Not sure what kind of game is in season, but the hunters were out in force.  Since it's a holiday weekend, the guys out are likely the less serious hunters--not the ones who go out all the time--so I do worry a little more about them. They are more likely to shoot at the wrong things.

I'm ending with a few pictures from Chance's and my last trail ride.  In the far distance is the lake in the woods--in the pictures of the trees.  And there's a shot of another one of the trails I ride. This one skirts the edge of what used to be a sand mine and is now a recovered natural area with the lake.

Oh, and of course, those are Chance's ears.  *G*


  1. I'm with you I wouldn't take a chance on letting him go barefoot. Why mess with what's working is my motto. Our former farrier had a border collie, they all seem to have the same personalities and energy. Glad he got to play with you though.

    It was cold here too, with a few flakes. ugh! I would say the hunter's are there for deer. That's what we've got going on up here. A lot of gunshots this morning, then I think they go drinking for the rest of the day. I worry about the inexperienced hunters too. My husband's uncle had a huge farm up by Cooperstown and during hunting season he painted his cows with white paint saying"COW". And as he was fond of saying to educate the "citi-ots"!

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Nice ears! I'm keeping Dawn in front shoes - she's had them forever and is doing well, and as you say, why tempt fate? Pie on the other hand had beautiful large solid feet and is completely sound even over rocks - he's staying barefoot, probably forever.

  3. Second you about Toby, he is a senior citizen, happy with his front shoes, let him be.

    My friends tell me that I have the personality of a Border Collie ^-^

  4. when I retired queenie , took her shoes off all round - she was a bit unhappy for a couple of days, but after that was the soundest she had ever been - like toby, she spent her time in the field - she was 21 then and 26 when she went - so you may find he'd be fine.

    GHM, it's very depressing to have to do that. happily over here we don't get such troubles.

  5. I enjoy photos adorned with ears.

  6. I worry about many of the thinhs you mentioned in your post today: my mare's feet without shoes, inexperienced yahoo hunters in the woods, and dogs who get worn out after a hard day of play!

  7. I love those ears! Best "frame" for a photo. And how nice to have those woods. It's good for both of you to get outside and explore.

  8. Windy? gunshots? Uh... I think I have to go wash my hair.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond