Friday, November 26, 2010

Just Dropping In

The Day After

Thanksgiving, that is.  Actually, I spent the holiday at home by myself. I had tried to set up a little restaurant dinner with some friends, but that didn't pan out.  Fear not, it was an adventure all its own.  I actually cooked a turkey tenderloin which is a bug chunk of turkey breast.  I turned out quite well as did the mashed potatoes. stuffing, veggies, and the canned cranberry sauce.  Delish.

As it was, with the weather, I was quite content not to have to drive anywhere. There was a mixture of sleet and rain all day, so I was much nicer being home than out on the roads.  I did miss company, but with most of my immediate family gone, I am used to solitary celebrations.

The Boys celebrated with many carrots--some in each of three feedings. Typically, they seemed to prefer standing out in the miserable weather rather than seeking the shelter of the barn and run in sheds.  The sleet must have been kind of stinging, but somehow they decided being out was much more entertaining than standing around under cover.  Beats me. I never could figure out horse behavior when it comes to that sort of thing.

I did take some pictures of them the last sunny, warm day we had this week, so I will brighten this dull, damp, Friday after Thanksgiving with some sunny shots.  Trouble is, as always, getting the Boys to pose takes some stealth on my part. As soon as they see me with the camera they march on over for close-ups...and I'm not good at nose shots.

Chance is in the close ups  and Tucker and Toby off in the distance. As soon as they saw me, that was the end of getting any kind of shots.

Off in the distance in the long shots are the power lines, the sandpit lake, and warehouses. Somehow the "industrial" scenery always spoils the pastoral beauty for me.

Fortunately, behind Chance is the close to 2000 acres of State Parkland.  Quite a contrast, I think.


  1. The pictures are very nice, they are a handsome bunch. I'm glad you didn't have to drive on the roads, we did, they weren't bad but it was a nasty day weather wise.

    At least you had the boys to keep you company for Thanksgiving and I'm sure they enjoyed their carrot treats. The upside of spending the holiday without human company is you have lots of left overs for yourself!

  2. Pictures of health :)

    Peace and quiet on Thanksgiving sounds like bliss. Belated wishes to you!

  3. 2000 acres of parkland! I didn't realize there was that much. We have open space right across the street from us and we love it for running or biking or even star gazing in the summer.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes it nice to just relax at home with no deadlines.

  4. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Handsome bunch! Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving dinner!