Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun Free Lunge

Rain On The Way

At least that's what the weather forecast calls for. Not sure what was up with me today, but I was entirely unmotivated.

Eventually, I went out in the early afternoon and did some barn chores which included stripping Toby's stall and poo picking the arena.

That just about did my knees in, but I'd decided to lunge a horse at least.  As I was trying to catch him, Tucker went into the arena, so I closed the gate and had him.  I picked up the lunge whip that I'd dropped and as soon as I did, he started trotting around me in a nice circle.  That was fine by me.  He stayed withing lunge line distance all the way around, again and again, so I never needed to put the line on him at all.

He worked totally at liberty for the full session.  When I stepped in front of him, he reversed and worked on the other rein and, when I told him to canter, he did, as nice as you please. I wish I'd taken some treats out there with me because he was an absolute angel the whole time--well, except for bucking on his right lead canter depart.

I had the little jump set up but when I went over to it and casually mentioned that perhaps he might want to jump it for me, he simply stood there looking at me as if I had lost my mind.  I finally walked over to him, grabbed a hold of his mane and led him to the jump--which I had lowered so he could walk over it.  He did and then, wonder of wonders, when I cued him around me on a smaller circle he trotted over the pole twice as nice as you please.

I told him he was magnificent, which he, obviously, already knew and then we went to the barn together.

Once more I gave him the ulcer meds and tonight, I gave him his second injection of Pentosan.  Not exactly the best reward for the excellent "at liberty" exercise session, but if it make him feel better, then maybe it was OK.

It's so much fun when your horse simply works for you with no fuss or bother.  And it was even more special in that I needed no physical "attachment" to get Tuck's response.


  1. Now that sounds like fun! I love it when they are enjoying themselves and we get to watch. I wonder if the ulcer meds are making the difference or if it's just his hocks. You wouldn't necessarily think that a horse like Tucker would get ulcers. It's usually show horses, under stress, eating concentrates, not continuously eating, as I imagine you pretty much have your horses do.

  2. Inspiring post Jean. And really relevant with my work with Teena!

  3. Snow on its way Boooo ;-(

  4. Well that did sound like a fun lunge. What a good boy, maybe he's feeling better. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!