Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Peat

Hot Again

Over 90F when I got home from school. I don't need to tell you I didn't ride again, do I?

Freshmen are in the 9th grade, first year of high school here. Grades 1-8 are considered elementary school. Students are 14-15 years old.

Sophomores are in the 10th grade, second year of high school, 15-16 years old.

Juniors are in the 11th grade, third year of high school 16-17 years old.

Seniors are in the 12th grade, fourth year of high school 17-18 years old.

They can then graduate and go on to higher education in a college or university. Here in the US, a college is essentially the same thing as a university, but it's just organized and stuctured differently as a smaller less diverse campus kind of thing. I went to Douglass College which was a part of the larger Rutgers University here in New Jersey.

Hot but not totally intolerable in school today. The kids were complaining, but I was OK for the most part. Then again, I did take a break in an air conditioned room in the afternoon for a while.

A few of those "annoying things" happened today to just kind of confirm to me that my decision to retire now is right. Student left my class without a pass after I told him "no," another student pulled the door shut on a fellow teacher after the fire drill and then gave me lip when I corrected him. delivery man nearly drove over some students during the fire drill as they were crossing the driveway to get to the parking lot where they were supposed to gather, and I found out that I will have to give up my classroom again for special testing despite the principal's promise it would not happen again. Nothing big, but enough to disturb my contentment.

Stacie is going to buy the horse if she passes the vet. This is a three year old from a very reliable breeder, so hopefully all will go well. No more be said until it's settled.


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Good luck to Stacie on the horse she's looking at - keeping my fingers crossed on the vet check!

    Looks to me like your decision to retire is a good one - now you'll have more time for the boys! I'm glad we didn't get those 90s you've been having, at least until the horses are shed out.

  2. I don't think I could stand being cooped up in a classroom in this heat. Sounds like you will enjoy your retirement with all the small aggravations you need to put up with daily.
    And I agree it is way too hot to ride.

  3. hopefully, there won't be much wrong with a 3 year old....touching wood!