Thursday, April 09, 2009

Off To the Chiropractor

Wednesday Neck

I am going through one of those "phases" when my neck acts up. So it was off to the chiropractor after school.

I was chilly and windy again, not as awful as Tuesday, but not exactly inviting....until the sun came out close to sunset. I did not ride, but I thought about it, so that's a good start. I am finding that if I do not get out there as soon as I get home from school, I am not likely to manage much with the horses as long as the weather is not inviting.

Tonight I will be singing in church, so it's hard to say if I will have time when I get home. It will be a tight schedule. Tonight is also the night for the duet, so I will need to get to the pre-service rehearsal a little early.

This morning, I decided--based on what I hope is an accurate weather forecast--to take the Boys' sheets off. Tucker thought about making a fuss. I growled at him and he ran out of the stall. Apparently kicking the gate and having it fall, just about the same time as I growled at him yesterday left an impression. I'll have to see if his behavior continues.

Regarding Tucker and ulcers: I treated him for ulcers last year with great success. I have new medication on order to do another round, just to be sure he is not having issues again. I should know within a week or so of treatment as to whether he may be having a flare up. He is definitely not as touchy as he was before his first treatment, so if anything is bothering him it is minimal compared to before. As I begin to really leg him up, I will monitor his attitude. He is an emotional fellow, regardless, with strong opinions about almost everything. Quite a puzzle to work out no matter what.


  1. Reminds me of my previous horse, Captain (I did not name him - he was a reject from the park police in Wash DC). He was resisting going forward and in the struggle he slipped backwards into a huge thicket of blackberries in a ditch. This was in Oregon. Scared himself and got a bottom full of thorns. He was mighty good for a long while after that!

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hope the chiropractor does the trick!

  3. hope the singing went ok.

    i should really go see someone about my neck...

  4. Hello Jean,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I have enjoyed your blog for a few months now, ever since I began considering a blog of my own. LOVE your stories! Your descriptions are vivid and as near to tactile as the written word can be.

    Alas, I am not a rider as yet; this was a dream of my wife Terri before I met her. When I came into her life, she had 3 horses; since I remained, did not complain about her spending more time with the horses than me, took the role of farm manager, nay, embraced the role of farm manager with gusto, and happily (occasional grousing doesn't count, does it?) took on all the responsibilities that having horses entails, she decided I was worthy of marrying. That was a mere 5 years ago - we are both late 40's (actually my 50th this year), but it's as good as time as any to be involved with horses. We now have a stable of 20, mostly Trakehners. My wife is pretty heavily involved with the Trakehner Association, both here and Europe and she has a pretty good knack (so I'm told from those much more insightful than I) for choosing stallions that match our mare's bloodlines very well and as my blog goes on I will be introducing them.

    I look forward to reading the adventures of Chance, Tucker & Toby and the scary monster that lurk in all manner of places.

    Good luck at chiro!

  5. I hope you are feeling better. Don't you think it is weather-related?

    I knwo that my back aches when the weaether changes, and humidity does make things worth.
    I hope you get better soon!

  6. Hope your feeling better ive a feeling I might need to find a chiro or something along that line the way things are going.

    Ive always got a couple of packets of ranitidene lying around for Polo not that he needs anything like that at the moment with his life of leisure:)

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