Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Lovely Night Out

Shelley, George and I had a super nice dinner at the Bernardsville Inn tonight. I took a chance and ordered buffalo. It was quite tasty.

Nothing again with the Boys as I had to leave for dinner quite early. With the rush hour traffic, it was over and hour's drive to the inn.

The weekend forecast is for temperatures in the 80's F. No plans at the moment, but I certainly hope to ride. I tend to think it will be a "take it easy" weekend with that kind of heat. The Boys are still not fully shedded out, so they have winter coats left. Somehow I suspect I will be doing some bathing before the sun sets on Sunday.

The play is having some rocky moments. Some of the actors who had roles will not be able to play them again and we almost had a total disaster trying to replace the lead. However, as of the end of the school day, things seem to have sorted themselves out.

I do, however, need to do some script revision. The drama teacher/director made some very good suggestions about the last scenes and after some good puzzling, I think I have worked out a way to accomodate her critique while, at the same time, I can make the script even stronger. And, I think I can write myself out of the show by elminating the character I am slated to play. If I make the alterations the way I'd like, that character becomes superfluous and too trivial to be needed.

Hopefully I can make the revisions during the weekend. I love a writing challenge!


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Good luck with the bathing and the play revisions!

  2. 80 degrees Fahrenheit.....very nice! hope the forecast turns out right!