Saturday, April 04, 2009

Quick Morning Post


Really windy today. On the plus side, it will dry out the mud. On the negative, I will not go out into the woods. I plan on lungeing the Boys later after I do some errands.

Thanks for the comments about my health. I do have a carbon monoxide monitor in the house, so all is well there. I have not been sleeping well for whatever reasons, some all my fault, and I am doing a lot of extra things at school to get ready for my retirement, so by the end of the day, it is more a tired body than a mind. My knees get really sore after walking on the hard floors all day which does not help. Then, when I get home, when I feed the Boys, if I sit down for my own dinner, I lose all my enthusiasm.

And the headaches...I have chronic problems with my neck. I suspect they all started from a fall when I was a child where I hit my head. But certainly a car accident where I had a sideways whiplash did not help. If I sleep "wrong" or have any kind of trauma--such as getting whacked on the cheek with a tree branch *G*--the vertebrae are likely to slip out of place. Depending on how much they slip and which nerves are irritated, I can get headaches. My chiropractor is marvelous and usually, if the headache has not yet gotten too bad, he can adjust my neck and I will be fine. Sometimes, though, it takes a day or so to get things right as the muscles have tightened and, after one set of vertebrae are adjusted, another set gets pulled out. Kind of frustrating, but I've generally figured out how to manage it. The problem comes when I start to have an issue when the chiropractor is closed. While I could call in for an emergency, usually the headache threat is not bad enough, so I wait. And the longer I wait, the more risk I run of getting a full-blown migraine.

More later as the day goes on and I do something with the Boys.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    We had the wind yesterday - today it's sunny and in the 40s, but tomorrow snow/sleet (yuck!). Hope you get to lunge the boys.

  2. No wind here, but ain, rain except yesterday, it was sunny.

    It is still April. I hope that the weather becomes stable in May.

  3. We are at that age when things begin to catch up with us. You can't undo the past but there are a lot more options these days to keep things at bay. I have no trouble understanding how tired you are at the end of a work day. Even on days when I work from 7:30 to 2:30 I feel quite tired and have to really make myself get on my bike. Last Saturday I didn't even go to the barn, mostly played couch potato, because I was so tired. Soon you won't have to go to work!

  4. heat is good for muscle relaxation (i have neck issues myself...)

  5. I hope that the spring will perk you up Jean. This week of good weather here has got me out and about.


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