Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pain in the Neck

Again....And Windy....Again

But, I still sang in church and the two little solo parts were just fine. We've done the piece many times before so it's never a matter of knowing the music, but just whether or not my voice will be in good form. With the church full of flowers, and my allergies, you never quite know. One note was just a little hoarse...not so the congregation would notice, but so that I would. There was just a hint of congestion in my throat, but all that means is I have to push more air through to compensate. It was just fine.

However, my neck is really annoying me again. Same as Saturday, but not quite as bad. I have a feeling I know exactly which vertebrae is out again: C5. Annoying critter. I don't quite have a headache, thank goodness, but there is a definite twinge and the threat of one. Guess it's off to the chiropractor again tomorrow.

And, although it was a nice day, although a bit chilly for Easter Sunday, the wind picked up as the afternoon wore on. I finally decided to just lunge again.

Tucker went out first and he was really focused on me today. What a good boy. He does tend to be a bit lazy on the line, as always, but once I started doing some quick trot/canter/trot transitions, he sharpened up. He was giving me an almost instant response to the voice commands for each gait. He's not usually that quick to the command, but perhaps the carrot treats in my pocket motivated his behavior. He was a star.

Then I lunged Chance. What a cutie. He too started out a bit lazy, but a snap of the whip encouraged him to move out nicely. That is, until we got to the canter on the left lead. You would think you were watching a slow motion film! He was totally relaxed, and, to my surprise, actually keeping a good canter rhythm. But forward? Energy? None. One more snap of the whip and he decided to make some effort. Silly boy. I think he was just playing with me. His right lead is not as balanced so he tends to go more forward naturally, but that's his "hard" lead so he did break once and pick up the left lead for a circle before I got him sorted out again.

I didn't work Toby as he seemed quite disinterested in making any effort, but I gave everyone a carrot anyhow. The rule is a carrot after you work, but Toby deserves one just for being Toby.

Now if I can only get my neck right and the weather holds for a day or so, I may get some more saddle time in.

Meantime, hope you all had a Happy Easter. The promise of renewal and new beginnings always makes the season special. May it bring you fresh energy and optimism.


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Hope the neck feels better, and a Happy Easter to you as well!

  2. Oh no, the pain in the neck seems like a real annoyance to deal with.
    Glad you had a nice Easter Sunday anyway.

  3. my neck is currently encased in a stock... one of those ones with a solid back, and you velcro the tabs on... very supportive!