Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Is This How Retirement Will Be?

I needed another chiropractor appointment this morning as my neck was threatening again. Not sure still why I have these episodes. Then I will go for weeks with almost no problem at all.

So off I went amidst the morning showers. I was cold again too, so nothing lost on the outside activities front. Oh yes, but before that, I spent some time on the phone talking to a mortgage lender to see if I could refinance as I've been trying to do for quite some time. This one looks good, but at this point, I never count on anything before the last paper is filed.

Then I went to the chiropractor, and afterwards to the pet food store to get some more dry cat food to keep my kitties happy. Once I was there, I realized I had forgotten to bring my car and trailer registrations due for annual renewal. The Motor Vehicle agency is in the same shopping complex as PetSmart, of course, so there I was 50 feet away from the agency, without my paperwork.

Headed back home and considered renewing the registrations online, but decided since I had all day and it was still raining that I might as well head back. This time I also took my special $10 birthday certificate to spend a Kohl's (this addictive clothing store far too close to the chiropractor) and my Barnes and Noble bookstore gift cards.

Motor Vehicle took about 20 minutes maximum. They have really managed to streamline most of the procedures, so with all my paperwork already completed getting the new registrations was a breeze--although a bit of an expense. *sigh*

Now before those of you who do not live in the USA misunderstand, please be aware that commercial areas in New Jersey are rife with stores. Highway 18, where I was, has one shopping mall after another, so no great distance traveling was involved in any of this adventure. I would say from one store to the last was only about three miles, maybe four.

I spent my money at Kohl's--more than the $10 of course, but it all was on sale--a nice pair of black Bermuda shorts and some soft, lightweight tops. Then I decided to head over to the school because I was pretty sure I had left my coat there the last day of school before break. Fortunately the building was full of custodians so I got in without much trouble, and sure enough, found my coat in the teachers' lounge where I'd left it.

Then I went to Barnes and Noble, just behind the school, and used one of my gift cards to get some extra copies of Romeo and Juliet so I can teach it to my freshmen. (I ordered books through the school last year and they never showed up. I needed a few more so I'd have enough for each student.) With my teacher discount, I got a nice price.

Then, I went to the supermarket to pick up some garbage bags, pickles and tea. (I made up a song so I would remember my list.)

The interesting thing about the drive home was that, on the road I take every day from school, which drives me crazy each weekday, I was perfectly calm, despite some of the "creepy crawler" drivers I kept getting behind. I guess when I am not working the drive is not quite so annoying.

H-m-m-m-m-m. Could it be that the pressure of school affecte me even more than I suspect?

I've just fed the Boys, and the rain has stopped, but again, it is really wet out there. Considering that I still have a few days left, and the weather is going to take a drastic change for the better, I will just let my neck rest and let them enjoy themselves in the pasture.

It was kind of cute, though, as when I pulled in to the driveway, Toby was alone in the front paddock, as if he were waiting for me to come home. I'd like to think that, but it's hard to tell. Tuck and Chance were way out in the pasture, far from him, but he didn't seem to mind, so maybe he really was waiting for me. At any rate, when I made my way to the feed room, he bounced around a bit as if he was excited to see me and went right into his stall to enjoy his dinner.

To my surprise, Dr. Klayman was generally pleased with all my Boys' weights. We figure Tucker could lose about 50 pounds which should happen as he gets fit, Chance is just fine, and Toby looks good too, although I would like to see him a little heavier. The trick with him, though, is that as he has aged and lost his "dressage muscle" all of his angles are much more defined. He does not have the muscular "roundness" he had when he was competition fit, and he is definitely looking like an older horse age 19 and semi-retired, can be expected. I was a bit surprised as my Boys are on the tubby side, but apparently Dr. Klayman likes them that way.

So much for the Wednesday report. Looking forward to a drier Thursday.


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    If you get our weather tomorrow, you should have a nice day - we had 50s and sun, but with a lot of wind. Hope the neck holds off - sometimes the damp makes my lower back act up (the never-ending pleasures of getting older!).

  2. i'd been reading Di's blog (she's been talking about flexions) and I think it was Trudi, or might have been Di, commented about it working on humans as well ... and came to yours and read the first paragraph and thought stress...

    so relax your jaw?

    i know i end up grinding my teeth sometimes and have to force my jaw to relax, and that has a consequential relaxing effect on the neck/shoulders...