Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Musings

What's In a Name?

Loved all my fellow bloggers posts about horse names. As I noted in a few comments, I generally keep the horse's name as it was when he came, unless, like Toby, (AKA Arts Ruler) there just doesn't seem to be much personality in it.

So, I have owned Russell R., Idaboy (Who died of colic)--renamed Sudden Impulse, PJ's Folly, To Be Or Not to Be--Toby, Doitright Tobe, and Romantic Chance. I keep my horses forever, so that's why in my nearly 40 years of real ownership I have not had dozens of horses.

But what's in a name anyhow? I mean, how many of us actually call our horses by their proper names? Instead, if you are anything like me, you probably use petnames instead.

Well, for example: Russell R. Russely Wussely, The Big R., Double R, RBars, Russelotomus (after he went swimming in a pond), and I'm sure if I think on it, I'll remember a few more.

PJ's Folly: Mr. Folly, Follymus, Mr. Fol, Peege, Monsieur Le Fol, Peegerino.

Toby: Wobester, The Wobe, Wobie, Tobie Wobie, The Ster, or just, Ster.

Tucker: Tuckaruck, Tuckster, Tuckeroo, Tuckabuck, Tuck.

Chance: Chanceypants, Little Man, The Pantsman.

There are many other nicknames that seem to fall from my lips when I am with The Boys. Heaven knows what they are calling me. *lol*


  1. I'm like you and usually keep my horses for life. There are so many nicknames they acquire over the years, that have absolutely nothing to do with their given names, one example would be my horse Erik,we used to call him Goober sometimes.Go figure.
    By the way have a wonderful Happy Birthday today.


    I wish you a great day and I hope you will have LOTS of chocolate and nice wine.

    How many candles on the cake this year? 14?

  3. Happy Birthday Jean. You make the blog world a welcoming place. Hope tomorrow will bring us a post about your celebrations.

  4. hope you had a good one...

    molly is molly moo but i never did sort out a posh name!

  5. Happy Birthday Jean!

    Oh I use millions of different names for the boys and the dogs depending on my mood:)))

  6. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Happy Birthday - sorry I'm late :( - hope you got to do something fun! Loved all your nicknames!