Monday, April 20, 2009

Just In Case

Birthday Trivia

Just in case my students find this blog on the Internet challenge I have posed for them, I will tell you all I currently own three horses.

Toby, To Be Or Not To Be, is a 19 year old chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. He competed in dressage up to Intermediare I. He is currently semi-retired.

Tucker, Doitright Tobe, is a 9 year old bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is in training for second level dressage and is working on third level movements.

Chance, Romantic Chance, is a 6 year old chestnut American Warmblood. He is working on training level dressage in the arena and absolutely loves to go out on trail rides.

I have been riding since 1962 when I was in the 7th grade. That might or might not help you answer another question. My birthday is April 22, for all my blogger friends. That's Wednesday.

It's raining today, so the horse activities will probably be limited. But I will drop by later to fill you in on anything else of interest.

Note: My students have been given a trivia challenge about me. This all began from a discussion my friends and I had over lunch on Sunday. My choir director looked up my name on the Internet and found a whole bunch of listings about me. As we all talked, it dawned on us how public our lives have become with the Internet. Comments made on forums, etc. seem to linger in cyberspace forever. I gave my students 5 questions about me to see if they can come up with the answers. Much of the information can be found on the Internet (this blog, for instance) but they will have to do a little clever sleuthing on their own to figure out the other answers.

I plan on using the worksheet to inspire a little class lesson on Internet safety and make them aware of how "public" their activities on the Internet actually are.


  1. Jean,
    This is a great way to show folks just how much is available via 'open source' methods - from learning about elephants to mapping driving directions to online study courses to searching information about someone . . . or someone searching information about you. Careers have been spawned involving the internet as an information gathering media. One of my real jobs involves cybersecurity training for my staff and while I am an exuberant supporter of the internet, I certainly strive to ensure folks open that wondrous door with eyes wide open.

  2. This sounds like a great exercise in "thinking". I heard that potential employers search Face Book and My Space to see who the candidates really are before hiring. Teens beware.
    I often google prospective clients.

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    It's good that you help your students to learn about the powers, and dangers, of the Internet.

  4. that's a really good idea!

  5. Your horses are beautiful. What a clever assignment and such fun for the students. Happy Birthday in advance. Hope you have a great day.

  6. Happy Birthday Jean,
    May you have rides aplenty more on Toby, Tucker & Chance. My 6yr old maiden TB Alyiah is due today, alas I think she's going to hold on a day or two more.