Monday, April 06, 2009

Rain, Rain, Came to Stay

Thunderstorms All Day Long???

I think so, except that from my classroom windows I can't see a darn thing. I did hear the thunder, and the rain was pounding on the roof. Nasty stuff.

I think it's finally clearing up, but the footing is way too soggy out there. I had the Boys closed out of the pasture all day. It sits on a very exposed hill and I'd rather they not be out there when it storms. I think Tucker just came back in from the arena after checking to see if I'd opened the pasture gate yet.

Nope. I am not quite sure the weather has really broken yet. There is more rain in the forecast and it still has that "look and feel" of stormy weather.

On the up side, I think the Boys were out eating the shoots on the trees along my neighbor's side of the paddocks. It is horribly overgrown over there, with briars, bushes and all kinds of saplings encroaching all over my fences. I lose nearly ten feed of paddock on that side. It was far too big a job for me to trim things back and my neighbor's place is a virtual forest on that side. I figure if I didn't at least make a cursory effort to hold back the greenery, in five years or so, most of my land would return to forest.

Just behind my riding arena used to be a farm field which my grandmother farmed for years and then leased to a farmer until, I think, the mid 1960's when she sold her land to the State for the Park. Within ten years, you would never have suspected there'd ever been a field there an now, it is totally wooded with mature trees all over.

It's amazing how nature will reclaim its territory when left alone.


  1. The weather is holding a bit here. I would like Teena to be turned out.

    fingers crossed and no quakes here.

  2. glad to know you're not affected personally by that quake, muriel... not what we expect in mainland europe!

    it't too early in the year for thunder here jean! poor you.