Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunny Sunday

And Just a Little Work

As vacation wound down, I just chilled out for most of the sunny day. Church in the morning, then out to lunch with my friends from choir. Home to work a little on my grades for the marking level at school, and finally out to the Boys.

I'd gone to bed late because a film, "The Whale and the Squid" was on TV. The only reason to have stayed up to watch is because the young male lead was an actor who had been in a number of the musicals we produced at the community theatre Shelley and I used to run. Jesse Eisenberg has made quite a career for himself in the movie industry and it was nice being able to see him on TV. Quite a performance in an interesting film. Not exactly my cup of tea, but worth watching.

I ended up taking a bit of an afternoon nap, so it was kind of late when I went out to the barn. I had already decided to long line Tucker today. I wanted to get him totally through and on the bit without being on his back. I didn't do too long a session, and I gave him a good number of breaks so as not to overwork his muscles. He was really good and once I encouraged him a little with the whip, moved out quite nicely. It was a good session.

Since rain is predicted for tomorrow and Tuesday, I decided to groom the riding arena. I went over it twice to really loosen up the footing. That will help it drain better and let it dry more quickly so I can ride sooner than later.

A leisurely Sunday is not a bad thing now and then.


  1. I think it's very important to have a rest day, both human and horse. Trouble is I can't even visit Tetley without riding my bike 13 miles.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Sounds like you got a lot done for a leisurely day!